mei but she poisons instead

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

this is a hero rework for mei where instead of ice and freezing she uses poison and damages over time, made purely out of boredom <3 also please be aware i am HORRIBLE at balancing, so if there's some changes i need to do please let me know!

mei got tired of making sure people freeze and don't move, so she decided to use poison instead

hero rework details:


  • base health changed from 250 to 200
  • every time you deal damage, heal yourself for a third of that damage
  • ammo changed from 150 to 20


primary fire

  • fires a short range poisonous bomb that deals 10 impact and explosion damage. the bomb explodes shortly after firing with a radius of 2.25m, and deals 50 poison damage over 4 seconds after being hit by it, for a total of 60 dmg per bomb. uses 1 ammo

secondary fire

  • fires a long range poison bomb after a short delay. impact and explosion damage is 7.5, and then an extra 42.5 poison damage over 5 seconds, and the explosion radius is 5m. the bomb travels significantly farther than the primary fire bomb before exploding, making it ideal for long range. uses 2 ammo

new ability: venom cloud
replaces cryo freeze / ability 1

  • creates a venomous cloud that travels to wherever you look at, and damages enemies in it while also slowing them down. the ability lasts for 6.5s, and has an 8s cooldown. (cooldown starts after the cloud disappears)

tip! use this ability if you need to take space or if you need to defend a capture point

new ability: poison bubble
(you can really tell im not good at naming anything...) replaces ice wall / ability 2

  • cover yourself in a poison bubble. inside this bubble, you only take 75% damage, and any damage you take will be reflected back onto whoever dealt the damage. lasts for 4s and has a 13s cooldown. (cooldown starts immediately upon deploying the bubble)

tip! use this ability if you find yourself in danger of dying, or you can use it offensively for the damage reflection

new ultimate: poison malnourishing
you pour heaps of poison onto yourself, making you even stronger

  • puts you in a buffed state for 10s. in this buffed state, you fire your poison bombs significantly faster, move slightly faster, and gain infinite ammo for the duration of the ultimate

tip! use this ult in the mid fight, as there will be less resources such as kiriko suzus, zen ults, and bap lamps to have to deal with! bap lamps are a HUGE counter against mei in this rework

enjoy this rework !

FYI: the poison damage will not work correctly if you are damaging armor hp. unfortunately this can't be fixed :(
additionally, if you take poison damage from another mei while in the poison bubble, that damage will not be reflected. (trust me you do NOT want to deal with your game crashing or having ungodly amounts of lag.)

Players | 1 - 10
Tags: mei rework poison
Heroes: Mei
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Last updated:
Current version: 1.0

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