Quick-Swap OW - With Role Lock by TehCupcakes#1825

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Standard Overwatch, with a twist: you can swap heroes outside of spawn! To make this manageable within the workshop's limitations, however, you can only select 3 heroes for your quick swap rotation. Each hero retains their own ultimate charge, so you can even bank up to three ultimates and use them in rapid succession.

The goal of this mode is to provide opportunities to synergize hero abilities spontaneously and creatively. Use a high-mobility hero to get a low-mobility hero in a position they could not, or back to the point much faster than usual. Swap to a hero with self-healing if you're low on health. Counter your opponents' picks in a rapid back-and-forth swap battle! The possibilities are nearly endless. :)

Swapping has a few limitations to prevent abuse and escaping certain death:

  • Your health after swapping will be the same percentage as it was before you swapped.
  • After swapping, your previously used hero will be unavailable to swap for 5 seconds. This prevents cooldown abuse where you cycle all three heroes instantly to get a cooldown back. You can still use swaps to reduce cooldown for some of the longer cooldown abilities, but I thought 5 seconds was a good trade-off that still allows you to switch back and forth freely without too much abuse.
  • You cannot swap while you are impacted by negative status effects. (Stun, sleep, freeze, etc.)
  • D.va is unavailable. There is currently no way in the workshop to identify if D.va is in her mech, and it didn't seem fair to allow swapping to a full health hero after being demeched.

Like most Overwatch modes, this plays best with a full lobby. It is essentially an add-on that introduces a new feature, rather than trying to change existing Overwatch modes.

This version has a soft role lock. Once you have selected your first quick swap hero, you will be locked in to that role for the remainder of the round (and thus can only select other heroes in that role for your quick swap slots.) After the round you are able to change roles, and must assign your quick swaps again. Search the listings for a version of this without the role lock, if you would prefer to play that way.

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Players | 1 - 12
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Heroes: D.va, Junker Queen, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, and 29 more...
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