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****Choose from four different Distances to Practise your Aim. Use the buttons to your left to choose your desired distance. The left button is the closest distance and the right is the furthest.

Press (Interact) to open/close the Hero Selection Screen. Press (Primary Fire) to select your hero.

New Difficulty Buttons Added! Now you can choose between 4 difficulties as well as 4 distances. The higher the difficulty, the more random Pharah's movement is. Use the top row of buttons to select the difficulty and the bottom row to select the distance.

New Mercy Pocket Feature! Shoot the green button to your right to spawn a pocket Mercy for the Enemy Pharah. This will set Pharah's health back to the normal 200. Shoot the red button to remove the Mercy, which will set Pharah's health back to 1000. Once Mercy has been killed, there is a 5 second window before she respawns where you have a chance to kill the Pharah.

New Mercy Difficulty Levels Added! During Pharah's Firing Mode, selecting a Difficulty Level will change Mercy's behaviour:
Level 1: Just Healing.
Level 2: Just Damage Boosting.
Level 3: Damage Boosting when Pharah is at full HP but Healing when she is not.
Level 4: Healing constantly, while momentarily switching to Damage Boost as Pharah fires her shots.

New Quick Scope Only Feature for Ana! Only quick scopes will damage the bots. Scoped or unscoped shots will do nothing.

Mercy Difficulty Levels Demo:

Quick Scope Only and Pharah Firing Demo:

Pocket Mercy Demo:

Difficulty Buttons Demo:

Categories: Solo
Heroes:, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Maps: Dorado
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Current version: 1.2.0

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