Kinetic Deathmatch (alpha)


Work with your team to try to eliminate the enemy while coated in Aperture Science Repulsive Gel.

  • Press/hold jump to bounce higher and crouch to stop your momentum.
  • Kinetic attacks (such as melee or other contact abilities) deal up to 50% more damage (or more the math is weird) depending on your speed relative to the victim.
  • You cannot use movement keys (subject to change) but can face where you want to go to influence your momentum.
  • Environmental deaths do not incur a penalty (known bug with this - your team will get an extra point if an enemy kills you via environment.

Note: This version received minimal playtesting and hasn't been updated since I made it for the jam. As such, it is still very much subject to change if I ever get around to updating it.

A few scattered hero tips:

Dash or punch a wall to bounce off it at high speed. (This happens because non-floor bounces root you for .5s, which is subject to change)

You can roll, but you have to buffer it before landing. It generates a fun little bit of extra speed.

Your shield behaves as a wall for both teammates and enemies, but not for yourself. Subject to change.

Accolades: This mode was awarded Most Creative and 2nd Place Overall in the Elo Hell March 2021 Workshop Jam.

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