Cops and Robbers by JeyzorZ#2660

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COPS: Catch the robbers by punching them. Take them to the jail by moving to the jail (indicated by a green down arrow). Catching all robbers will result in a win for cops. Robbers must save their teammates within the time limit. Cops win if their timer reaches 0. When carrying a robber, your punch freezes instead of taking the robber with you. Keep the charge in the generator (indicated by a yellow lightning icon) above 0% to not burn by staying inside the yellow ring. Once the charge reaches 0%, you will burn until you start charging it. You have a superjump ability on a cooldown, that you can charge by holding crouch. Once you uncrouch, you will jump up. You have two lives, after which you will be eliminated from the match.

ROBBERS: Avoid getting caught by cops by any means. When other robbers are in the jail, you will have to save them within the time limit or you lose. The more people are in the jail, the faster the time decreases. You can save by standing still next to the jail (indicated by a yellow down arrow) and pressing interact button (bound to f on pc by default). Killing cops twice will eliminate them from the match. Eliminating all cops will result in a win for robbers. Robbers win when the match time ends.

Robbers' new abilites:
Ashe's primary fire deals knockback
Baptiste's regenerative burst grants a short invisibility
Doomfist's rocket punch show the location of cops (location doesn't update after the inital usage)
McCree's flash bang freezes for a short time
Reaper time to save robbers from the jail is decreased
Symmetra senses when cops are nearby
Widowmaker's venom mine slows down for its duration

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Players | 1 - 12
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Heroes: D.va, Junker Queen, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, and 29 more...
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