Uno by Florens#21271

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by ochotonida/Florens#21271

A recreation of Uno in the overwatch workshop. Can be played with any amount of players, in over 100 different locations. The mode also supports various optional cards and settings.


Each player's hand of cards is displayed on the left side of their screen. An indicator is shown above the card which is currently selected, along with some additional information depending on the card. The current player is highlighted with a white (or orange, when a +2/+4 was played) beam. When a +4/+2 card has been played, the number in brackets shows the amount of cards to be taken by the next player. +4 and +2 cards can be stacked to make the next player draw more cards.

The game draws cards from a predetermined deck (see 'settings' for more information about customizing the deck). If the deck is depleted, or if the HUD text limit has been reached, no more cards are dealt to players until the amount of cards in the deck increases again.

Players can not join mid-match, new players must wait until the next round to play.


  • [primary fire]/[secondary fire] cylce through your cards.
  • [jump] play the currently selected card.
  • [crouch] take a card and pass your turn to the next player. If a +2/+4 has been played in the previous turn, multiple cards are drawn
  • [ability 2] cycle through the color of wild/+4 cards. Wild cards must be assigned a color before being played. [ability 2] is also used to select a player to swap with for swap cards.
  • [ultimate ability] to toggle between normal view and cinematic camera
  • [interact] to sort the cards in your hand.

Optional rules & special cards

This gamemode has several settings and optional cards that can be added to the deck.
To change the settings:

  • Open the workshop editor
  • Open the first rule called [Gamemode settings]
  • Open the action representing the setting you want to edit
  • Change the value to 'True' to enabled a rule or 'False' to disable it (or change the value of the number if a number is required)
  • Close the workshop editor, the new settings will take effect next match

The available settings are as follows:

  • Turn time limit: (default: 30) If a player does not make a move before they reach the turn time limit, they automatically take a card. The time limit can be disabled by setting it to 0.
  • Allow jump-ins: (enabled by default) Allows players to play a card with the same symbol and color of the card on the discard pile to play that card even when it is not their turn. The order of play continues from that player.
  • Enable swap cards: (enabled by default) Adds 2 'swap' cards to the deck for each color when enabled. Swap cards allow a player to swap hands with another player they previously selected using [ability 2].
  • Enable ×2 cards: (enabled by default) Adds 2 '×2' cards to the deck when enabled. When stacked on a +2/+4, it doubles the cards the next player has to take when played. Acts as a +2 if no +2/+4 was played previously.
  • Enable copycat cards: (enabled by default) Adds 2 'copycat' cards to the deck when enabled. Copycat cards copy the symbol and color of the last played card. When the last played card is a swap card, a player can be selected.
  • Enable swap-all card: (disabled by default) Adds a single 'swap-all' card to the deck when enabled. When played, every player passes their hand to the next, in the direction of play.
  • Enable shuffle card: (disabled by default) Adds a single 'shuffle' card to the deck when enabled. When played, all hands are shuffled together. Every player receives the same number of cards they had before the shuffle card was played.
  • Amount of starting cards: The amount of cards players start with. (This number should be small enough such that the HUD text limit is not reached, otherwise cards may appear invisible) (The deck should contain at least the amount of cards that should be dealt at the start of the match + 1)
  • Amount of colors: (default: 4, max: 10) The amount of colors to use in the deck. Because every card held by a player is a different HUD text, increasing variety of cards can make it much easier to reach the HUD text limit. A large amount of colors when playing with a large amount of players is not recommended.
  • Amount of numbers: (default: 10, min:1) The amount of numbers to use for cards in the deck. Increasing the amount of numbers can make it easier to reach the HUD text limit. (see 'amount of colors')
  • Use icons: (disabled by default) Replaces the numbers on cards with icons.
  • Colors: The colors to use for cards in the deck. By default, only the first 4 colors (red, yellow, green & blue) are used. The colors which are used can be changed by moving the desired color to the front of the list using the arrows.

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Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Miscellaneous
Heroes: D.va, Junker Queen, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, and 29 more...
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Current version: 4.1.0

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