Overwatch LevelUp by BluJay#11583

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How It Works

In Overwatch LevelUp, play a standard match of Overwatch and give your hero unique upgrades over the course of the game. You gain XP passively, but getting an elimination gives you an XP boost, and getting a final blow gives you an even bigger one. Once your XP reaches 100%, hold INTERACT to upgrade your hero. While in the upgrade menu, you cannot move, shoot, or use abilities. You have 4 total upgrades you can do throughout the match: Primary fire, Ability 1, Ability 2, and Ultimate. Each one of these abilities has two options you can choose from.

This is how the Level Up menu works:

  • Once you reach 100% XP, hold INTERACT until a message pops up
  • Press the button corresponding with what you would like to upgrade (example: Left click to select Primary Fire)
  • Read your two choices, and right click or left click to select the right upgrade or the left upgrade, respectively

NOTE: You can only upgrade each ability once.

Console players

The final stage of selecting an upgrade is based on "primary fire" and "secondary fire". This means on console they are reversed - right trigger corresponds with left mouse click and vice versa. This can easily be changed in the workshop, under the rules "Select Upgrade (Left)" and "Select Upgrade (Right)".

Hero Upgrades

There are 16 available heroes. I have more in development, but the workshop can only handle 16 at a time as the current build is already pushing the line on the "script too large" error. My future hope is for heroes to be modular, so you will be able to sub in whichever ones you want into the game.


Primary Fire - Biotic Rifle

  • Beam Heal: Scoped shots pierce teammates
  • Life Link: Healing teammates also heals you for 33% of healing dealt

Ability 1 - Sleep Dart

  • Finish Him: Enemies hit by sleep dart take +30% damage for 3s
  • Quantum Dart: Enemies hit by sleep dart are teleported to your feet

Ability 2 - Biotic Grenade

  • Elixir of Chains: Slows enemies hit by 30% for 3s
  • Elixir of Wings: Speeds allies healed by 30% for 3s

Ultimate - Nano Boost

  • Give N' Go: Gain +40% damage resistance and speed while your teammate is boosted
  • Nothing Personal: Teleport targeted teammate behind the closest enemy


Primary Fire - Rocket Flail

  • Disable: Hitting enemies slows them by 20% for 0.8s
  • Embolden: Hitting enemies gives nearby allies +15% speed for 1s

Ability 1 - Whip Shot

  • Falcon Punch: Significantly increases knockback
  • Rocket Grapple: On use, pulls you forward with it

Ability 2 - Repair Pack

  • Group Effort: Also heals teammates near the targeted teammate [cooldown: 2s]
  • Bail Out: Also gives targeted teammate jump boost and +25% speed for 2s

Ultimate - Rally

  • Amped Up: Hitting enemies during your ult knocks them in the air
  • Last Stand: Full heal your most damaged teammate on activation


Primary Fire -Fusion Cannons

  • Hydraulics: No movement penalty while firing
  • Fusion Reaction: Damage slowly increases while firing, up to +15%

Ability 1 - Boosters

  • Active Camo: You are invisible and immune while boosting
  • Scorch: Hitting enemies with boosters sets them on fire dealing 20dps for 3s

Ability 2 - Micro Missiles

  • Fortifications: Gain +40% damage reduction while firing
  • Tank Buster: Deal bonus damage to tanks

Ultimate - Self Destruct

  • Buying Time: After ulting become immune for 4s
  • Black Hole: On activation, pull nearby enemies toward your mech


Primary Fire - Storm Bow:

  • Lightbow: No movement penalty while bow is drawn
  • Kneecapped: Hitting enemies slows them by 15% for 1.5s

Ability 1 - Sonic Arrow:

  • Explosive Arrow: Hitting an enemy with sonic arrow causes an explosion that deals 70 damage
  • Get 'Em Boys: Hitting an enemy with sonic arrow causes them to take +25% damage for 3s

Ability 2 - Storm Arrows

  • Laser Gun: Arrows travel at lightning speed and can pierce shields at reduced damage
  • Reign Of Fire: Sets enemies on fire dealing 10dps for 3s

Ultimate - Dragonstrike

  • Spirit Dance: On activation, go invisible with a 30% speed boost for 12s
  • Wings Of The Dragon: On activation, fly into the air and cast up to 3 targeted strikes


Primary Fire - Sonic Amplifier

  • Glitch Hop: Hits restore 15hp to a random injured teammate
  • Breaks: Hits knock enemies back

Ability 1 - Crossfade

  • Hardcore: Aura also gives teammates 10% damage resistance
  • Trap: Aura also slows enemies by 15%

Ability 2 - Amp It Up

  • Trance: Enemies within your aura get -30% damage for 4s
  • Rave: Teammates within your aura gain jump boost for 4s

Ultimate - Sound Barrier

  • Bass Drop: When you land send out a shockwave dealing 75 damage, stunning, and knocking enemies into the air
  • Dance Party: Give your whole team +100% speed for 2.5 seconds


Primary Fire - Peacekeeper

  • Hot Streak: Consecutive hits raise damage dealt by 5% up to 50%
  • Confidence: Final blows raise your max health this life by 20hp, up to 100

Ability 1 - Combat Roll

  • Agility: Roll farther
  • Elusiveness: Gain +40% damage resistance after rolling for 2s

Ability 2 - Flashbang

  • Whiteout: Stun duration increased by 0.5s
  • Fireworks: Hitting an enemy grants +20% damage for 1s

Ultimate - Deadeye

  • Dialed In: Gain +60% damage resistance during ultimate
  • Launchpad: On activation, launch yourself into the air


Primary Fire - Endothermic Blaster

  • Ice Skating: Shoot ice at your feet to glide
  • Hail: Deal +80% damage but move 30% slower while firing

Ability 1 - Cryo-Freeze

  • Everyone Chill: Enemies within 10m of your ice block have -30% speed
  • Distress Call: If you do not cancel the ability early, teleport to your nearest teammate upon exiting

Ability 2 - Ice Wall

  • Ice Launch: Place wall underneath you to launch yourself into the air
  • Winter Is Coming: While Ice Wall is active, gain bonus ult charge for damage dealt

Ultimate - Blizzard

  • Snowstorm: Blizzard deals +125% damage
  • Home Turf: While Blizzard is active heal for 60hp/s


Primary Fire - Caduceus Staff

  • Combo Beam: Your beams also damage an enemy near the targeted teammate for 40dps
  • Fortification Beam: Your beams also grant +20% damage resistance

Ability 1 - Guardian Angel

  • Angel's Blessing: Passively heal the teammate you flew to for 30hp/s
  • Combat Trained: Gain +30% damage resistance on use for 1.5s

Ability 2 - Resurrect

  • Zombie Effect: Resurrected teammates gain +30% damage and damage resistance for 5s
  • Unbroken Bond: You are immune while casting Resurrect

Ultimate - Valkyrie

  • Passion: On activation heal all teammates for 100hp
  • Strength: Your blaster gains +40% damage and increased projectile speed


Primary Fire - Fusion Driver

  • Impeding Fire: Damaging enemies slows them by 15% for 0.5s
  • Systems Hot: While firing, gain +30% healing from teammates

Ability 1 - Fortify

  • Reboot: While fortified, heal for 40hp/s
  • Redirect: Enemies damaging you while you are fortified take 50% of the damage dealt

Ability 2 - Protective Barrier

  • Sentinel: While your barrier is active, heal nearby teammates for 20hp/s
  • Groundbreaking: On activation, damage nearby enemies for 50hp and knock them into the air

Ultimate - Supercharger

  • Gravity Device: On activation launch ALL other players into the air
  • Overdrive: Double your projectile speed for 10s on activation


Primary Fire - Rocket Launcher

  • Purify: Damaging enemies sets them on fire for 20dps over 1.5s
  • Launcher Mk. 2: Your shots travel twice as fast

Ability 1 - Jump Jet

  • Empowered Jets: Shoots you forward as well as up
  • Blastoff: Causes an explosion dealing 60 damage to the area

Ability 2 - Concussive Blast

  • Sky Miles: On activation reduce your gravity by 50% for 3s
  • Disorient: Enemies hit by Concussive Blast are stunned for 0.7s

Ultimate - Barrage

  • Death Ball: You are immune while ulting
  • Justice System: Gain bonus ult charge from damage


Primary Fire - Rocket Hammer

  • Rocket Boots: Gain +20% speed while swinging
  • Headcrack: Hitting an enemy has a 20% chance to stun for 0.3s

Ability 1 - Charge

  • Super Charge: Charge twice as far, twice as fast
  • Raging Fury: Gain +30% damage after charging for 3.5s

Ability 2 - Fire Strike

  • Flame Ward: Hitting an enemy near you will knock them back
  • Inspire: On activation heal nearby teammates for 60hp

Ultimate - Earthshatter

  • Massive Impact: Knocks enemies in the air and deals double damage
  • Battle Cry: Give teammates within 12m a 50% speed boost for 3s


Primary Fire - Hyperspheres

  • Aspect of Regeneration: Dealing damage heals nearby teammates for 50% of damage dealt
  • Aspect of Despair: Deal more damage the lower your health is, up to +30%

Ability 1 - Kinetic Grasp

  • Channeling: Heal for 50hp/s while casting
  • Backdraft: Kinetic Graps ends in an explosion dealing 60 damage in front of you and knocking enemies back

Ability 2 - Accretion

  • Sticks And Stones: You are immune while casting
  • Shot Put: Your rock travels much farther and much faster

Ultimate - Gravitic Flux

  • Flux Capacity: While ulting gain +200% movement speed
  • Supermassive: On activation, increase your max health by 200 for 10s


Primary Fire - Widow's Kiss

  • Hunt Down: Deal bonus damage in automatic mode to players you have landed a scoped shot on within 3s
  • Full Metal Jacket: Fully charged shots pierce the first enemy hit

Ability 1 - Grappling Hook

  • Quick Escape: Gain +30% speed and damage resistance for 4s after grappling
  • Launch Shot: Grapple straight up to launch yourself skyward [cooldown: 7s]

Ability 2 - Venom Mine

  • Poison Tip: Your next scoped shot after using Venom Mine deals poison damage
  • Contagion: Enemies damaged by Venom Mine can damage their teammates within an 8m area

Ultimate - Infra Sight

  • Mirage: You are invisible during your ult, reappearing for 1s every time you shoot
  • Shutdown: While using your ultimate, players seen through your scope not behind a shield are hacked


Primary Fire - Tesla Cannon

  • Shocking: Deal +40% damage while hitting players in the back
  • Static Electricity: Enemies recently damaged can transfer a 40 damage static charge to their teammates

Ability 1 - Jump Pack

  • Momentum: Gain 100 max health for 3s after landing
  • Surprise Attack: Landing on an enemy from Jump Pack disables their weapon for 1.5s

Ability 2 - Barrier Projector

  • Dome of Life: Your barrier deploys a healing field for 3s that heals teammates inside it for 40hp/s
  • Dome of Destruction: On activation, gain a 20% damage boost while inside your barrier for 3s

Ultimate - Primal Rage

  • Bigfoot: Landing on enemies from Jump Pack during your ultimate knocks them down
  • Tornapedo: Gain +65% damage during your ultimate but do not gain any max health


Primary Fire - Particle Cannon

  • Death Ray: Your beam slows enemies by 25%
  • Photon Link: Damaging enemies with your beam increases your damage resistance, up to +20%

Ability 1 - Particle Barrier

  • Safe Space: On activation heal yourself and nearby teammates for 25hp/s over 3s
  • Flubber: Your barrier gives you a jump boost

Ability 2 - Projected Barrier

  • Warm Hug: Your barrier heals its target for 100hp
  • Gentle Nudge: Teammates with a barrier have +15% damage

Ultimate - Graviton Surge

  • Destabilized: Your ult deals massive damage but you can not shoot or use abilities for its duration
  • Power Transfer: On activation, charge your nearest teammate's ultimate by 50%


Primary Fire - Orb of Destruction

  • Essence of Strength: Deal +15% damage while both Orb of Harmony and Orb of Discord are active
  • Essence of Fortitude: Gain +15% damage resistance while firing

Ability 1 - Orb of Harmony

  • Hidden Secrets: Use on a teammate that already has Orb of Harmony to teleport to them [cooldown: 10s]
  • Fervor: Teammates with Orb of Harmony have +50 max health

Ability 2 - Orb of Discord

  • Shocker: Orb of Discord roots enemies for 1s [cooldown: 8s]
  • Plan B: When Orb of Discord is returned to you, gain +40% speed for 4s

Ultimate - Transcendence

  • The Iris: Your ultimate also damages enemies for 75hp/s
  • Discipleship: Your ultimate also charges friendly ults by 6% per second

Known Bugs


Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Miscellaneous
Heroes: D.va, Junker Queen, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, and 29 more...
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Current version: 0.3.1

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