Rein vs mercy mega edition

  • Rein vs mercy! Official article by me! Included with gifs and other cool little things like how to counter or strategize your special abilities! To turn on third person, just do: Crouch-interact-primary fire Here is my official discord! -not affiliated with ophelia or alola- Credits: Ophelia, Alola, Angel#111884

Special abilities for mercy:
I thought why not give some mobility to mercy? So I added a double jump, you can use it during rez, but not when guardian angel is currently being used. You can use it by firstly being in air, then holding jump, and then using interact. It has a 3 second cooldown, this is her only mobility ability so far, but I will add more!
Counters: Since they cant go that high up with double jump, catch them fast so they cant stack up altitude with the low cooldown.
Strategy: Use this in tough situations and when rezzing for a little boost to keep safe, and try to gain as much altitude and abuse it.

Parry - 8 sec cd
I thought that rein was too fast, so I gave mercy a chance to parry. If the mercy hits rein while rein tries to hit them, it will not make mercy die and it will have special effects. This isn't free godmode though, as its very hard to time correctly and it has a 3 second cooldown.
Counter: Bait it out by swinging a useless hit, then use your super speed to kill the mercy. If that doesn't work just firestrike as mercy cannot parry a firestrike.
Strategies: Run and use double jump, and if they catch up then parry, also be unpredictable as you can be singled out and dealt with easily by a firestrike.

Fun fact: I was gonna copy double jump and make it a dash, but I thought it was stupid to sample code and decided to add something I always wanted, blocking. But I wanted to add something cooler, parrying!

We decided to add a hitbox revealer that reveals enemy hitboxes so you can calculate your parries correctly, make sure you are facing the enemy with your mouse and you are facing them for best chances of hits. To simply calculate, melee and interact when your parry is ready and rings will represent the hitbox of allies and enemies.

Special abilities for Reinhardt:
Reinhardt has a small super speed just incase they get stuck at chasing a mercy or if they want a nifty little boost. It gives Rein 200 speed (2x more than mercy I believe) with a duration of 10 seconds and a cooldown of 20. Though it is easily counterable by simply staying in air.
Strategy: Use this when you are chasing lots of mercies, pinpoint their location and attack.

Code Snippet



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Update Log

Fixed parry for good, added reveal hud text, something is coming soon.

Attempted to fix parry mechanics, works good so far. Added hitbox revealing too.
Added much more, test for yourself!

  • Added solo player testing game to test schematics and stuff! Will update alongside the original game! Voiceline to spawn parry test reinhardt. -Fixed parry glitch too. -Added better parry mechanics. You can easily disable test mode by simply enabling other maps and disabling the rules: ONE PLAYER TESTING, parry test. -Fixed lots of things and stuff

Nerfed parry a teensy bit. And actually made the cooldown work.

  • Developer note: Changed to 8 seconds for balancing reasons. We thought that being able to parry and be invincible for 1 second to avoid all damage was unfair for mercy and harder for rein, and we want to make it very balanced for both teams. Sorry guys! Used to be 3 seconds.

Added parry mechanics and fixed hud text (hopefully)

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