Tech Demo: D.Va is a Helicopter


Tech demo of D.Va as a helicopter. The flight model is obviously quite limited, but it feels reasonably helicopterish and is certainly challenging to hover and land.


  • Collective is represented by the ultimate meter and is controlled with the Jump and Crouch keys.
  • Cyclic is represented by using the mouse to aim up and down.
  • Pedals are represented by using the mouse to rotate (obviously unrealistic, but it's Overwatch).
  • Limited strafing with the keyboard is allowed to represent banking, mostly to help with landing.
  • Lift scales down with altitude to prevent players from riding along the skybox.
  • A crude tail boom and tail rotor are displayed to indicate which way the D.Va is pointing.
  • A similarly crude but nevertheless cute main rotor is displayed rotating above the D.Va. (It is not correctly angled with the pitch of the D.Va due to the lack of a simple way to rotate a vector around an arbitrary plane in the Workshop.)

Known Issues

  • Sometimes the Jump/Crouch buttons get stuck (according to the server). When this happens, press them again until they stop repeating. (This appears to be a Workshop bug, as there is no call to Start Holding Button; it seems that the Loop If Condition Is True action sometimes fails to detect when the buttons are no longer pressed, despite being preceded by a 100 ms wait.)

Code Snippet

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nobody#1774 creator

This mode was shown with a Bastion swapped into D.Va's place in this video:


nice use of the ult meter

but you should prob figure out that weird pressing button bug to avoid or circumvent it

nobody#1774 creator

AFAICT it's a bug in the Workshop, and my best guess is that it's due to the use of the Start Rule action. There is no code in the mode that presses or prevents the pressing of the Jump or Crouch keys, which are the ones that seem to stick sometimes. And the subroutine called by Start Rule has nothing to do with those keys.



Update Log (3)

  • Add animated main rotor.
  • Visible main rotor (limited in accuracy due to limited vector-manipulation functions in Workshop).
  • Various enhancements.
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