Tech Demo: D.Va is a Helicopter

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Tech demo of D.Va as a helicopter. The flight model is obviously quite limited, but it feels reasonably helicopterish and is certainly challenging to hover and land.


  • Collective is represented by the ultimate meter and is controlled with the Jump and Crouch keys.
  • Cyclic is represented by using the mouse to aim up and down.
  • Pedals are represented by using the mouse to rotate (obviously unrealistic, but it's Overwatch).
  • Limited strafing with the keyboard is allowed to represent banking, mostly to help with landing.
  • Lift scales down with altitude to prevent players from riding along the skybox.
  • A crude tail boom and tail rotor are displayed to indicate which way the D.Va is pointing.
  • A similarly crude but nevertheless cute main rotor is displayed rotating above the D.Va. (It is not correctly angled with the pitch of the D.Va due to the lack of a simple way to rotate a vector around an arbitrary plane in the Workshop.)

Known Issues

  • Sometimes the Jump/Crouch buttons get stuck (according to the server). When this happens, press them again until they stop repeating. (This appears to be a Workshop bug, as there is no call to Start Holding Button; it seems that the Loop If Condition Is True action sometimes fails to detect when the buttons are no longer pressed, despite being preceded by a 100 ms wait.)
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