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OverHonor is a third person Genji 1v1 fighting gamemode. Reworked most of the abilities, added 3 special abilities. Added Stamina system.

Inspired by KOF, For Honor, Darwin's OverFighter, and Kinkku's OVERHAMMER.

Reworked/Added Abilities:


  • 疾 | Sprint: Consume Stamina.

  • 超级跳 | SuperJump: Consume 20 Stamina.

  • 后撤 | Dodge Backward: Has Invincibility frames while jumping. Consume 20 Stamina.


  • 普通斩 | LightAttack: Don't need to charge. Consume 25 Stamina.

  • 蓄力斩 | PowerAttack: Charge, then sprint towards the enemy and attack. Deals 50% more damages. Breaks Deflect and stuns the enemy. Consume 45 Stamina.

  • 回旋斩 | SpinAttack: Dodgespin and attack. Has Invincibility frames while dodging. Great Counter of the PowerAttack. Consume 40 Stamina.

--------------------------------------------Denfensive Ability-------------------------------------------

  • 闪 | Deflect: Blocks the light attack from the enemy’s sword and stuns the enemy. Cannot block heavy attacks from the enemy’s sword.

  • 宁静 | Harmony: Player turns gold. Blocks the enemy's Swift Strike and deals a knockback. Cannot block any other kind of attacks.

----------------------------------------------Special Ability---------------------------------------------

  • 无相 | Phaseless: Teleport to the top of the enemy and do one light attack.

  • 南风 | SouthWind: Calls out a Hanzo that shoots 1 arrow. Enemy that gets hit freeze for 1 second.

  • 雾隐 | HiddenMist: Disappear and reappear behind the enemy after 1 second. During that period of time player is able to attack, moves faster and doesn't take damage.

Update: Now working on the multiplayer 1vs1 version

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: 1vs1
Heroes: Genji
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0

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