Overwatch With Extra Abilites

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Tank Heroes

Wrecking Ball:
Machine Gun (Passive) : When Wercking Ball hit an ennemie he gain +1% Damage. at +50% damage he overheat and set ennemies on fire.

Breather's cloud (Ability 2): After taking a sip of his breather he create a cloud of the liquid healing and reducing the damage for you and your teammate.

Independence (Ability 3): [Press ult button when under 100% ult] Make D.Va get out of her meka, exploding right after damaging ennemies around and refounding 50% of your Meka.
-Your original Ult% is stored.

Centaur's Speed (Passive) : After not being hit by an ennemy for 3 second you get extra movespeed.
-When charging on an ennemy, you stun him and damage him, loosing your speed.

Die with Honor (Passive) : When you're about to die, you become unkillable, gain more movespeed and more damage for a certain amount of time.
Crusader's Will (Secondary Fire): When using your shield you and your allies gain damage resistance and extra movespeed.

Zero Gravity (Passive) : Sigma can manoeuver up and down like if he as now gravity.
- [Jump] To go up
- [Crouch] To stabilize
Black Hole (Ability 2): When sigma succesfully hit someone with his rock he creat a black hole that attract close ennemies.

Anger Management (Passive) : When Winston get hit he gain more ult%.
Fury (Passive) : When near death, Winston enter in fury.
-His original ult% are saved.

Energy Shield (Passive) : When shielding someone, after the duration end, you give him an extra shield for some second.

Damage Heroes

Bounty Collector (Passive) : Mark a random heroes as a bounty. Killing your bounty restore your abilites, your ammo and give you ult%.
-Your bounty reset at your death.

Recon Configuration : Entering Recon configuration give you a damage and speed boost, making you vulnerable some time after.
Sentry Configuration : Entering Sentry configuration give you an extra shield and temporary damage reduction.
Tank Configuration : Entering Tank configuration give you a speed boost and projectile speed.

Mad Man (Passive) : The more you are hurted, the more damage you make.

Overwelmed (Passive) : Gain damage reduction the more ennemies near you.
Pounce (Ability 3) : [Hold jump button] Make you jump higher. 7s CD.

Power Up (Ability 3) : [Press F while looking at a teammate] Buff your teammate giving him speed, Damage and heal boost and Damage reduction. 15s CD.

Focused Sight (Passive) : Stay Zoomed on an ennemie to mark him and deal more damage to him.
-When infrasight is on, you can lock with behind wall.

Soul Wanderer (Passive) : When you die, you enter in shadow step until you respawn.
Shadow Step (Ability 1) : You can move in all the direction. The animation have been reworked.
Death Blossom (Ult) : Animation reworked.

Smoke Bomb (Ability 3) : [Press Crouch + Reload] Place a fog that camouflage you when you are in and don't attack.
Dragonblade (Ult) : Make you slightly invisible, slow time and you deal no damage. Instead, everytime you hit an ennemie you get a mark. At the end of the ult, all the mark get triggered and deal damage.

Teleport Arrow (Ability 3) : [Press Secondary Fire while not aiming] Equip an arrow that will make you TP after shooting it.
Sake (Jump) : Using your special jump make you restore 50hp and ehance your next attack.

Sharpshooter (Passive) : Heating head refresh your cooldown and restore your bullet.

Ice path (Passive) : Primary fire while looking down make you skating on your ice.
Ice kingdom (Ultimate) : After using your ultimata, you create a zone that slow your ennmies and speed your allies.

Base : She now have 100hp and 150 Armor and her fuel is infinite but when she take damage she can't use it for a short time.
System Boost (Ability 3) : [Secondary Fire + Crouch] Make you invulnerable to CC and make you go faster and resist to damage for 6 second. 24s CD.

Stim (Passive) : When you are below 50hp, you instantly recover 50hp. 15s CD.
Sprint (Ability 1) : When you run, you reload your weapon after a certain amount of time.
Tactical Visor (Ultimate) : Give you more speed, more jump power.

Stealing Secrets (Passive) : When landing the killing blow on an ennemy, you steal his hero for a certain amount of time.

Energy Steal (Primary Fire) : Steal the Ult% of your ennemy.
Impenetrable Barrier (Ability 3) : [Crouch + Interact] Make an 5 second barrier that protect your teammate and repulse ennemies. 10s CD.

Lava Heart (Passive) : When on fire, you heal yourself.
Molting Core (Ability 2): When using your ability, you get invincible for a certain amount of time and damage ennemies around you.

Blink (Ability 1): You can now blink in every direction.
Pulse Bomb (Ultimate) : When using your ultimate, you slow time and every damage you deal get repercuted.

Grandma's Trick (Passive) : Everytime you deal damage, you heal yourself. And Everytime you heal someone you deal damage around you.

Mercy: WIP

Baptiste: WIP

Desorientation (Passive) : When you hit an ennemy he get desoriented.
Inspiration (Ultimate) : Using your ultimate recharge your teammate ult.

Lucio: WIP

Chimical Waste (Passive) : Using an ability drop an gaz trail that damage your ennemy and heal your allies.
Near death Experience (Passive) : When you die you explode in a cloud that damage your ennemy and heal your allies.

Divine Embodiment (Passive) : When near death, you instantly use your ult to save yourself.
-Ult percent is saved.
Dodge (Ability 3) : Pressing space while moving in a direction make you dodge in that direction.

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: New Heroes
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
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Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.0

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