Darts and Deflects

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

This is a simple game. Deathmatch settings. You can choose ana or genji. All abilities are disabled except anas sleep dart and genjis deflect. Both have 1 second cool downs. Sleeps kill. Every kill earns ana a nade and genji a dash. If you use it you lose it! Unless of course you get another kill. They don't stack however but it would be easy to make them if you wanted.

Possible future:

Infection mode: One genji and multiple anas. Genjis infect anas.

Stacking Nades and dashes

Known bugs:
Anas and genjis cant hurt eachother but they can sleep eachother in lieu of damage. I personally find it funny so have been calling it a "feature not a bug" but whatever I cant figure out how to fix it. If you can let me know!

made by Celadian#11558
Feel free to use, modify, and change. Just dont take credit for it! I think its pretty original but its my first ever workshop mode so what do i Know. Happy Dart and deflecting!

Categories: Free for all
Heroes: Genji, Ana
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