Outside of the realm of Overwatch and Talon, there exists dozens of PMCs willing to do whatever it takes to earn their blood money, right or wrong side of history. With over 31 uniquely balanced operators and a variety of mechanic changes such as movement momentum and passive armor thresholds, can you and your squad mates complete the mission for your client...or die trying?

A tactical gamemode ala R6 and Team Fortress 2, with this current version being a new and improved remake with new characters, maps, and hero selection mechanics refined by yours truly.

"Just play Valorant LMAO"-Some random soldier


  1. ARMOR-Every character has both new passive and active armor changes that flucuate on a percentage of damage taken depending on the weapon's damage as well as the trajectory of explosive projectiles, with each armor class either taking significantly more or less damage respective to their playstyle. (I.E. light armor is either no or slightly increased damage to all sources, whereas heavy classes take much less damage from all weapon types)

  2. MOMENTUM-certain characters in this gamemode have the ability to either be extremely fast and bouncy or slow and predicable depending on both their movement speed and gravity, with the lighter characters being able to double jump easier and higher than medium or heavy classes. this momentum change is decided depending on the characters loadout and realistic weight and/or equipment baked into the original overwatch character, like Baptiste being slow horizontally but being a master at verticality due to his Exo Boots.

  3. HEALING-Healing in this gamemode, much like the cooldowns of all of the other operators, is kept in either a high burst healing that takes resources away from damage or a long but slow continous administration of healing, incentivizing tactical usage of supportive options in the battlefield. certain characters will also either take more or less healing regenerated over time, or received, naturally based on both their armor class and HP pool.

  4. DOT-Finally, the DOTs that all of the operators will have in this gamemode such as Dynamite and Venom Mine will have long cooldowns due to either the utility they bring to the team as well as the potential to be lethal to any operator that is not considered a heavy character, moreso being used as traps and defensive options rather than aggressive combo makers.





A former outlaw from the Notorious Deadlock Gang, this sassy gal has hung up her black cowboy hat in exchange for a white one as procured by her criminal pardon by the United Nations. Free to do as she pleases, she does the one thing that always gave her pleasure in life before turning to a life of crime: bounty hunting.

Armor Speed Class
Light Slow Sniper

45-70 Gov't Brush Gun-A beefy and long barreled lever action rifle with 6 shots, this deadly beauty can absolutely wipe out any lightly armored target with ease due to both the rifled barrel as well as the ammunition used, with the main caveat being that the weapon can only be fired in aim mode due to it's heavy weight when not shouldered properly.
Double-Barrel 10 Gauge Shotgun-An illegal modification to an already popular coaching gun used by wealthy aristocrats all around the world, this CQC lead spitter is an absolutely devastating option for anyone close enough to feel all 18 pellets. However, due to the lengthy reloading mechanism caused by the sawed-off barrel, the reload for this weapon is lengthened on the cooldown.
Phoenix Inc. Nitromite-A rather expensive yet popular solution to the age old question of man: "What if fire was throwable and explosive at the same time?" this stick of Nitromite, as the name implies, is full of incendiary sticky napalm that when exploded will swiftly burn all targets in it's radius. However, due to recent bans by the UN, these bundles are rare and as such have a very lengthy cooldown.
Sir Bob Pennysworth-When you've lived a life as dangerous as this lawbringer, it's always good to have some backup. This is where Sir Bob Pennysworth comes in, a loyal servant and vagabound that has a large amount of armor and automatic turret functionality due to being a sentient Omnic companion.
PASSIVE: Sniper Class-Carrying around a bunch of auxillary equipment combined with not having a lot of armor on your person means you're a sitting duck if you're not prepared. This class has a lot fo range and utility, at the expense of Light armor, slow mobility and low HP.

E54 'Warmachine'

Even though the UN CLAIMS to have destroyed all known E54 unit bots all over the world, the United States secretly has over hundreds upon hundreds of earlier E54 'Warmachine' robot soldiers hidden in their black market caches waiting to be sold, to the highest bidder. After all, to a mindless robot, war is just a chore like any other.

Armor Speed Class
Very Heavy Very Slow Robotic Tank

6.5 Creedmore Auto Rifle-The workhorse of the E54 Warmachine's kit, this 13 shot Automatic Rifle is chambered in a long range and beefy 6.5 creedmore round to assure total domination at any range fitted for the walking gun on legs. However, the fire rate and reload of the weapon is slow due to overheating concerns and budget cuts and as such, should be used with extreme caution.
M5 Browning 5mm Chaingun-When one barrel isn't enough, this walking warcrime whips out it's signature solution to the problem: a 1000RPM 5mm Chaingun designed to suppress the area allocated for a couple of seconds, shredding any lightly armored foe in it's wake. However, due to the complex mechanism not being energy effecient for this particular robot, the transformation phase makes the unit mobile but even slower than normal and is on a lengthy cooldown.
Artimex Sticky Grenade-Propulsion grenades are already unethical in combat due to their extremely fast travel time and ability to be richochet off of any solid surface, so why not give it the ability to go even further beyond it's use case and have it stick to it's target, ensuring the target is killed? A moderately long cooldown is implemented in the robot's software due to limited internal capacity, as well as the intense system-threatening heat that the grenade gives off after being fired in the Auto Rifle's barrel.
Mortar Strike-Sing the songs of freedom as you proceed to rain down three 155mm Howitzer rounds directly on the battlefield, all within the span of 8 seconds due to a targeting system that is shot out during the Artillery transformation phase. Useful for destroying heavy personnel and scouting for positions.
PASSIVE: Robotic Tank Class-A hulking mass of wires and metal, this behemoth of a soldier takes little if any damage from conventional small arms weapons and as such only takes large amounts of damage from explosives, armor piercing arrows, and high caliber Anti-Material weapons. Also, this class, while tanky, is extremely slow and predicitable in momentum making this class an easy target from range.


A former outlaw from the Notorious Deadlock Gang, this gunslingin' son of a bitch left those group of cowards and decided to take his skills elsewhere to a more...wealthy clientile. We don't know much about him, other than two things: he always has a cigar in his mouth and whenever he shows up to a bar, the entire place is lit up like a damn picasso painting.

Armor Speed Class
Light Fast Recon

44. Magnum "Peacekeeper"-A 6 shot handcannon produced in the finest of American gun factories, this reliable and rugged wheelgun is sure to put any normal civvie on their ass with just one well placed headshot. Comes out of the box with a speedloader, cleaning kit, and a binary hammer system allowing for single action precision shots or fanning the hammer downrange.
Tactical Roll-When the situation is just plain ignant, the best thing a cowpoke like yourself can do is duck into cover and roll away to live another day. Due to this technique being second nature to the agile outlaw, the cooldown is practically nonexistent allowing for constant reloading and mobility.
Sunset Arms Tracker Grenade-An ethical and well-regulated version of a propulsion grenade that the E54 'Warmachine' models would use, this commercially available Tracker grenade packs a heavy electromagnetic explosion to whatever target it sticks to, temporarily shocking the target and making them unable to react voluntarily and rip off the deathtrap. As such, the UN stipulates that the arc of the grenade be very short range, and for the supply to be limited, meaning a lengthy resppuly off of cooldown.
"Red Sun"-An ancient gunslinging technique learned by only the most hardest of the Burning West, this ability allows the user to heighten their focus on the surrounding area for any movement before perfectly aligning their sights on the vitals of the individuals in question, before fanning any unfortunate soul in their wake. Faster than usual buildup due to better senses.
PASSIVE: Recon Class-Light on their feet and quick on the draw, these recon units are built for speed and lethality to any unsuspecting fortifications and as such are best utilized for scouting the area and flanking the enemy backline. However, due to such mobility and power, this class is often very weak to all sources of damage due to their light armor and even lighter HP pool.

W43-E 'Pathfinder' Combat Drone

After the mass shutdown of the E54 'Warmachine' Production line as ordered by the United Nations, South Korea decided to help in the production of the nationwide effort to create a robotic soldier that was practical in operation, yet still ethical and unhackable by traditional kernal standards. Thus, the W43-E 'Pathfinder' Combat drones were born, a perfect mix of speed and lethality for an affordable price, and is currently used in all countries of the free world. But some drones, end up in more than questionable hands than others...

Armor Speed Class
Very Light Very Fast Robotic Recon

Militech Arcplasma Shots-A standard, run-of-the-mail Arcplasma gauntlet system that is prebuilt into any and all models of the 'Pathfinder' drone series, that allows for up to 15 pellets to be shot over the course of 5 triple shot bursts before needing to reload causing moderate damage to lightly armored personnel. The Arcplasma however should be used at medium range due to slightly liquifying after only 20 yards of continued flight.
Flight Protocol-A standard flight module that is attached to the main software of the W43-E 'Pathfinder' Combat Drone, it allows the robotic carpet bomber to ascend and even hover in the air at a rapid pace allowing for complex manipulation of all battlefield types. However, due to the robot still being very heavy in components, the gravity back to the ground is rather harsh calling for quick corrective action to avoid loss of momentum.
Artimex Cluster Bombs-An ethical, privatized variant of the Arimex sticky grenade used by the E54 'Warmachine' robots, these clusters of Arcplasma contact-activated micro grenades do significant damage to flesh and metal alike when utilized in a proper way, allowing for proper area denial and AOE decimation. Despite these glowing positives, the machine has to always create these energetic bombs over a small period of time before firing, creating a moderately long cooldown before use.
Plasma Beam-A concentrated beam of Arcplasma designed to melt through all manners of conventional metal and energy-based shielding over an extended period of time, before reaching critical melting point. A moderately long cooldown and damage threshold is implemented in the machine's software due to overheating and energy concerns.
PASSIVE: Robotic Recon Class-Light on their feet and quick on the draw, these recon units are built for speed and lethality to any unsuspecting fortifications and as such are best utilized for scouting the area and flanking the enemy backline. However, due to such mobility and power, this class is often very weak to all sources of damage due to their light armor and even lighter HP pool. Takes slightly more damage from AOE explosion damage and electic-based attacks.


Deep in the bowels of the Japanese military industrial complex, there exists a project for a new type of conventional warfare that no country has ever truly realized before: until now. Primarily funded by the most infliuential yakuza family in Hanamura, the Shimada Clan, this fast and agile sentient mix of flesh and metal is only really known by it's prototype name that when translated, bares a horrifying title: "Bio-Assassin".

Armor Speed Class
Very Light Very Fast Bio Recon

"Raging Demon''-An experimental air-cooled vibranium katana made out of the sturdiest energy materials, this unnaturally sharp blade can make quick work of materials with a few swift strikes, and cuts through flesh like heated butter. Due to the extreme power and energy that the user must have in order to wield such a blade, only this weapon can be used in combat.
Nanodeflect-gives the suit wearer a slowed perception of reality for but a few moments as dozens of experimental drugs are pumped from the shoulderpads of the suit, allowing the user to move their arms in motion of deflection hundreds of times allowing to block any and all solid projectiles. Due to the drugs being apparent in the user's system, the deflection ability is on a very short cooldown and on normal duration.
Jetstream Strike-several jets in both the user's suit of bio-armor as well as within the blade's bottom of the grip allow for instant movement over the course of several meters, with the dash moving the blade in a slashing movement for an increased chance to pierce through the enemy. Resets on electrolytes absorbed from any eliminations, and is on a moderately long cooldown outside of this use case due to the weapon's reliance on energy.
PASSIVE: Cyber Agility-A series of highly experimental parkour modules are automatically activated within the suit upon initial movement, giving the user up to three air-propelled jumps and unparalleled mobility options on all types of solid terrain.
PASSIVE: Bio-Recon Class-Light on their feet and quick on the draw, these recon units are built for speed and lethality to any unsuspecting fortifications and as such are best utilized for scouting the area and flanking the enemy backline. However, due to such mobility and power, this class is often very weak to all sources of damage due to their light armor and even lighter HP pool. Takes more damage from conventional small arms fire, and has enchanced movement options due to the class' biotic nature.


Trained soldiers in the most respected yakuza family in all of Japan, the Shimada Clan, these slient and deadly archers are trained at birth to kill their enemies from afar and to always check their surroundings for any advantages available to them. For it is as the saying goes for these devilish Archeons: "Mind thy step, for the fall to Hell and dishoner is a long way down."

Armor Speed Class
Light Moderate Ranged Bowman

Oshikawa Industries Titanium Longbow-A very high quality, hand-made Longbow created by one of the most well known hunting manufacturers in the nation of Japan, privately owned by the Shimada Clan as a front for more business with other yakuza families, this titanium longbow is made to pierce even the thickest of armor plating over a very long distance with minimal stress of pull on the user.
Jet-Propelled Lunge-A small, hip-mounted gyrojet proplusion device is attached to the back of all Archeon units, allowing for a third long dash towards their intended destination on a very short cooldown due to the nature of it's open-vacuum design.
Pathfinder Sonar Game Arrow-A commercially available Game arrow that has been retrofitted with a custom sonic pulse emitter at the tip of the arrow, allowing for all that are connected to the arrow's pulse signature to see any hostile outlines through all manners of solid material. Due to the expensive cost and weak material of the custom-fitted arrow, there is a limited number for every Archeon and must be used sparingly over a long period of time.
Plasma Burst-Concentrating their focus and activating a high quality addon plasma module on their Longbow, it allows the user to rapid fire 3 very fast plasma bolts in the form of ghostly arrows towards the intended target, even being able to be richocheted off of solid surfaces one time due to near microscopic metal railgun rods being in the center of these plasma bolts. To make up for it's flexibility and potential damage output, the cooldown time on the plasma has to be extensively air-cooled for a rather long duration of time before being avaliable for use again.
PASSIVE: Nimble Feet-Years of rigorous training from the highest members of the Shimada clan have given the soldiers heightened awareness of their surroundings and as such, allows for advanced mobility and vertical climbing of most, if not all solid surfaces.
PASSIVE: Bowman Sniper-Carrying around a bunch of auxillary equipment combined with not having a lot of armor on your person means you're a sitting duck if you're not prepared. Thankfully, if you're only carrying around a quiver of arrows and a bow, some exceptions can be made. Heightened mobility and auxillary options due to little CQC options and a moderate HP pool.

'Bomber Terrorist'

Within the abandoned fallout wastes of what used to be the continent known as Australia, there exists so many different flavors of criminals and outlaws caused by their hellish living conditions caused by the omnium crisis all those years ago. for this crazed lunatic, however, nothing gets this Aussie gremlin of a human being off more than blowing up innocent people and getting payed for it. Who would've thought that terrorism could be a reputable business venture in today's world, eh?

Armor Speed Class
Light Slow Bomber Terrorist

Kit-bashed Artimex Liberty Contact Grenade Launcher-A horrific kitbash of a well-known Contact Grenade Launcher made by Artimex, this abomination of explosive personality is equipped with a hand made 6 round box magazine extender as well as a "one in the chamber" mechanism not originally in the design prior to modification, allowing the user to shoot these grenades at a slightly farther distance than normal. However, these grenades are only activated on contact with foe or surfaces and as such, great care is needed when using such a dangerous weapon.
Artimex C6 Anti-Personnel Mine-An older Anti-Personnel Mine created by the brilliant minds over at Arimex Inc., these explosive frag mines are more than capable of rendering anyone into a gory pile of bones and seared flesh. These older models require the individual to prime the bombs with a button, requiring constant knowledge of the environment in order to be properly used. Finally, due to being made of very old and flimsy materials, the bombs are very lightweight allowing them to be thrown an incredible distance with enough practice at the expense of a gust of wind breaking them and a long recharge before reuse.
Spring-Loaded Bear Trap-A simple, yet deadly scrap metal bear trap designed to latch onto the legs of whoever is unlucky enough to not watch their step. due to the Spring-loaded modifcations of the trap, it does significant and/or lethal damage to light and medium armored classes and locks those who survive the initial blow in place for several seconds, long enough for the crazed bomber to find you and...have some fun.
RC Car-why shoot bombs at the enemy and risk putting yourself in danger when you can just drive the bomb to the tangos instead!? This unit has the ability to pull out a very lightly armored RC tire that when activated has around 24 seconds of uptime and fast mobility across all surfaces to ensure maximum fragmentation, with the caveats being that the terrorist has to control the car with a neural brain chip rending him vulnerable to attacks and the RC car itself being very weak to all sorts of sustained damage options.
PASSIVE: Final Solution-When all else fails and the world finally stops you, leave them one hell of a nasty surprise before ya go to the great big underworld. Whenever this unit dies in combat, a magazine from the grenade launcher will activate a biochip confirmation and begin to spill out of the box and activate the grenades, before exploding in a medium radius around the corpse.
PASSIVE: Bomber Terrorist Class-Nothing more fun than using explosives to blow up all sorts of fun little toys, and this eccentric monster is no exception to the rules of area denial and AOE decimation. Does more damage to heavily armored enemies and machines, has fast movement speed but very light armor and HP pool taking more damage from conventional small arms weaponry.


This cherry woman is just a simple, run of a mill Cryothrower unit, a type of soldier that was employed with the use of newly developed cryo technology in China to help combat all manners of fires and toxic chemicals that could potentially hurt the populace. Despite the cheery desposition and their honorable job titles, some citizens say that these soldiers look a little 'too' happy at doing their job, fire or otherwise...

Armor Speed Class
Medium Slow Cryothrower

Bio-Cryonic Gel Cannon-A special modification to an infamously effective Chinese water propellent system that has been retrofitted for cryonic gel. This tool shoots out a long and steady stream of lethal freezing coolant towards any and all perceived threats in the area, but is only effective in close range scenarios. Has a very high storage capacity before needing to be refilled.
Bio-Cryonic Gel: Wall Pattern-Shoots out a large vertical stream of Bio-Cryonic gel into a wall-like pattern, providing a modest amount of cover from any and all projectiles for a short amount of time. Due to the extreme usage and density that the wall requires, the cooldown period on such a wall is significnatly increased than normal settings.
Bio-Cryonic Gel: Freeze Pattern-Freezes the user in a safe temperature as they are locked in an impenetrable block of solidified Bio-Cryonic Gel, where the user will slowly begin to regenerate a small amount of life force due to the natural soothing properties from the gel. Has a moderate cooldown due to the module needing time to properly set the temperature to a suitable level.
Nitrofreeze-A device created for the harshest of environments, the Nitrofreeze Extrapolator is an invention that when thrown towards the affected area, a small sentient robot will begin to disperse lethal levels of liquid nitrogen into the air and freeze all in the area.
PASSIVE: Cryothrower Class-Carrying around a large tank of potentially dangerous raw chemicals is sure to leave a target on your back, especially to anyone from range. Takes increased damage from all conventional small arms fire, but slightly less damage from DOTs and other Cryothrowers, with slow movement speed and a farily high HP pool.


A rather clever play on the term 'Musketeer', Rocketeers are less advanced versions of the Anubis Security Chief Officer's design and potential for warfare, with several key economic changes to the exosuits including slower hovering and rocket capacity/trajectory. Despite these minor setbacks, these scouting artillerymen are more than capable of delivering justice to their foes from the highest peaks of the sky.

Armor Speed Class
Medium Slow Artillery Recon

HX-44 Bomber Launcher-A slightly older variant of the Bomber Launcher that the Chief head of Anubis Security uses, it holds a decreased amount of rockets and a slightly faster rocket speed that the rookies have to get used to. In response to these drawbacks, the rockets used are retrofitted to fire 65mm triangle-tipped Barrage rounds for extra damage, armor penetration and AOE potential.
45mm Concussive Frag Micromissle-the wrist mounted contraption on the right arm of the suit allows the user to fire a singular Concussive Micromissle that has enchanced with minor fragmentation potential allowing for lighter targets to be ripped to shreds by the blast and more fortified targets to suffer extreme knockback from the blast. As such, the rockets need time to reconstruct in the suit, calling for a moderately long recharge time.
Emergency Payload Dispersal-When even heavier ordinance is required to deal with advanced fortifications, the EPD, or Emergency Payload Dispersal protocol, is activiated shooting dozens of micro missiles from several key openings within the suit to deliver maximum carnage to any and all heavy fortifications. Makes the user lock in place to handle the recoil of the rockets, leaving the individual vulnerable to counterattacks for a few moments.
Air Dash-A sudden burst of air is shot from the two auxillery jets beneath the main apparatus of the suit, allowing for a moderately fast and far charge in whatever direction the command was inputted in. The cooldown is moderately long due to budget conerns with extended dashing over a period of time.
Vertical Boost-A core module buily into the exosuit, the Rocketeer only has to input one command in order to rise significantly high and fast into the air in order to achieve maxmium velocity. As such, the central boost jets system needs to take a couple of moments to recalibrate an additional launch, making the cooldown exceedingly long.
PASSIVE: Hover Jets-The Rocketeer's main form of traversal on the battlefield. Infinite reserves for hovering at the expsense of not being able to rise whilst doing so.
PASSIVE: Artillery Recon Class-Light on their feet and quick on the draw, these recon units are built for speed and lethality to any unsuspecting fortifications and as such are best utilized for scouting the area and flanking the enemy backline, with the main caveat of this unit having amazing vertical movement and height whilst being very slow vertically. Takes more damage from conventional small arms fire and less from explosives.


One of the many offiical super soldiers in the United States lineup of infantry units for their armies, the Shotgunner, known in medical records as Soldier Makeup 27, is not one to be trifled with in Close Quarter Engagements. With two semi-automatic shotguns and an invention that allows the user to briefly transcend the physcial plane via the usage of an external module on the back of the armor plating, these infiltration units are more than capable of creating closed caskets for any soldiers in their wake, innocent or otherwise...

Armor Speed Class
Medium Medium Infiltrator

6 Gauge KS-32MI Anti-Personnel Shotguns-2 large semiautomatic anti-personnel shotguns with 3 shots each, these compact lead spitters are best designed for CQC engagements due to the pattern leaving minimal penetration of armor and damage the further the pellets spread out.
Shadow Form-Temporarily transforms the user in a shadow-like form of themselves for a couple of seconds, allowing for rushing the enemy or running away into a better position for future engagements. Moderately long cooldown caused by the intense pain and discomfort to the user after leaving the shadow form before proper recuperation.
PASSIVE: Ethereal Willpower-For every shot that this unit takes, he only comes back stronger. And for every shot that this indiviudal takes, he relishes in the kill. Gain a slight amount of health back relative to the damage and armor level of your target, as well as distance when the shots were fired.
Clearing Presence-Pumps the soldier with an experimental meth-like substance known as 'Crimson Blossom', a type of performance enchancer that mainly deals with cognitive and reflexive-based activities that enable super speed-like powers and accuracy, dotting the whole room in hundreds of deadly pellets in a matter of a few moments.
PASSIVE: Infriltrator Class-Loud and fast, this class is all about causing a very loud bang and making as much noise as possible in order to cause some much-deserved mayhem to the opposition. Reletively normal movement speed in exchange for medium armor, CQC excellence, and high HP for sustained engagements.

'Shock Trooper'

Canada has always been on the forefront of infantry combat, second to their neighboring nation the United States, and their latest invention for conventional warfare is no different. Spouting all sorts of cybernetic implans and state of the art railgun technology, these Shock Troopers are more than capable or denying space with their equipment whilst taking high elevations with ease. Overall, these troops are what could considered to be the Swiss Army Knife to infantry combat.

Armor Speed Class
Medium Fast Trooper

Ultreon Electropulse Railgun Mk.3-The third and most recent iteration of Ultreon's firearms manufacturing campaign to arm all of Canada with the best of the best, the Ultreon Electropulse Railgun Mk. 3 is a 34 round fully automatic Arcplasma shooting assault rifle fitted with several different modules: an ammo reader for easy ammo verification, a charge meter for when shooting the alt fire and even compatibility with optical aim modules from cybernetic eyes.
Ulreon Max Charge Shot-After accruing enough opposite charge from passively landing shots on energy or physcial enemies, the railgun will begin to charge up a secondary shot within the two fin of the middle port within the gun, allowing the user to charge up a supersonic speed railgun shot of solidified Arcplasma dealing lethal damage if hit in critical spots of the enemy.
Ulteron Area Denial Plasma Caster-opens up a small blaster within the arm of the installer's synthetic limb to fire out a small and fast condensed ball of heated plasma, wherein it explodes after contact with surfaces or enemies with it detonating in the air after a few seconds of deployment, shutting down an area for a few moments of time. Lengthy cooldown duration due to the energy orb being fired requiring a high amount of auxillery power supplies, and needing to be passively recharge before reactivation.
Power Slide-activates a cybernetic software application for the wearer to be able to slide on any solid surface thanks to the metal casing surrounding the artifical limb, as well as allowing the user to spring into the air at an accelerated pace and allowing for a small jet reserve of air to allow for a short double jump. Moderately long cooldown due to energy being explused outside of the main module being the railgun.
Emergency Overload-Severly dips into the emergency power reserves of the weapon to deliver a series of electromagnetic plasma blasts at supersonic speeds towards the target, causing severe damage to flesh and armor alike. A slightly shortened duration with a slightly better rail charge due to the urgency of it's activation.
PASSIVE: Trooper Class-Mobile and dangerous at medium range, the trooper's main MO is to get into the fight and get out just as quickly with minimal casualties. Fast mobility options and utility at the expense of medium armor and HP pool.

'Marine Riflemen'

Marines are probably one of the toughest special forces units in the entire world, stopping all sorts of terrorist operations and saving countless people from the clutches of senseless violence in the form of proxy wars, with the standard USMC Riflemen being no different. These soldiers are given M54 Heavy Pulse Rifles with field medkits, TAC visors and mini-rockets to ensure that the op gets done, no matter the sacrifice. As the saying goes, "Never leave anyone behind."

Armor Speed Class
Light Fast Riflemen

-M54 Heavy Pulse Rifle-An older variant of the Military designation series of the Heavy Pulse Rifle line of weaponry for the US military, the M54 Heavy Pulse Rifle variant is a more commercially affordable and available alternative to spit some lead at the ops in question. Fitted with a 30-round, 6mm in diameter electro pulse-fed detachable battery pack that is inserted into the middle apparatus of the rifle to increase the ergonomics of the weapon, and is primarily used in middle ranges on the battlefield due to short and long ranges being uncomfortable for the shooter in both relative accuracy and artificial recoil caused by the "pulse" design. Moderately effective towards all types of armor.
Helix LLC. Tri-Spiral Micro Rockets-A custom rocket module that is attached via a smart-link self loading mechanism within the compatible M54 Heavy Pulse Rifle, these 25mm plasma-infused Micro rockets are designed to cause severe damage to materials and flesh alike. Very long cooldown caused by the limited quantity that the weapon can naturally fit in the internal magazine tube before needing to holo-regen more ammunition.
-Phoenix Inc. First Aid Biotic Statis Field-A civilian variant of the heavily popular Phoenix Kit, this small Biotic Statis Field is achieved by shooting out miniature biotic spray particles in the air and then locking them in place for a few moments, allowing to heal the individuals in a moderate area around the initial pylon activated over a slow period of time due to the properties of the weakened chemical formula. Moderately long cooldown caused by density and weight of every canister.
Field Sprinting-Years of stamina training and cybernetic implants later allow the Riflemen to sprint vast distances for an infinite period of time thanks to several key cardiovasular systems within the body being enhanced with nanomachines. However, when sprinting, the unit will take slightly increased damage to all physical sources of damage and will be vulnerable so long as the riflemen continues to sprint to their position.
TAC Visor-The Vt. Ory TAC Visor is one of the most stable and performance-driven tactical target acquisition visors on the market, allowing for perfect tracking and allocation of landing critical vital areas outside of the traditional lock-on zones. However, due to the performance being rather high the battery life is not, meaning that the charge and duration of this visor is cut around 50% of it's use case.
PASSIVE: Rifleman Class-Jack of all trades, master of none, the riflemen is the defacto soldier of war, ready to take on any job that needs to be properly executed. Moderately high stats and utility across the board, in exchange for light armor protection.


Deep in the slums of Mexico's cities, a lone gang of netrunners and hackers make their home in both Castillo and Dorado to leave their wretched mark on this world. Known as the 'Los Muertes' gang, these silent predators use underhanded methods of assassination and shootings to get the one thing that they truly want: a chaotic and broken sense of order.

Armor Speed Class
Very Light Fast Hacker

Hacked Taurus 9mm Machine Pistol-A hacked 21-round fully automatic machine pistol that was modified to accept Electric-Tipped HP 9mm round compatible magazines as well as illegaly amping up the firearm to 1250RPM, leaving a hell of a lot of devastation to any close range and CQC targets within the area in a decent accuracy grouping.
CHAMELON TEC. Refactive Combat Dress-A high-tech suit of thin, refactive ceramic polymer plates on a dress-like outfit that allows the user to go completely invisible to most conventional modes of indentification software from humans and robots alike, allowing for the user to sprint extremely fast with little if any noise being apparent. Decently long time than usual to get back into stealth than other spy suits, due to the nature of the ceramic having to recombine after being revealed.
Quickhack: Reboot Systems-Creates a minor holodeck for the darknetrunner to use and hack the target in question, briefly resetting all modules and abilities as well as hacking some subnets of the armor that they wear to allow for more damage to be inflicted on them. Slightly longer cooldown caused by intensive RAM usage of other abilities that the suit has to account for.
Quickhack: Trojan Overload-shoots out a bright purple cube from the palm of the left gauntlet of the suit, and proceeds to do significant damage to the mental and physical systems of the body with infectious nanobots attached to the solidified holograms, eating away at machine code and flesh alike in a matter of moments. Moderate Cooldown due to potential nanobot leakage getting into the suit with overuse.
Shadonix 'Ripper' Phaser-Throws out a small purple Phaser that allows the user to teleport a fast and signifcant distance away with danger, thanks to holographic technology attached to microscopic tethers on the suit itself. Long cooldown caused by the nauseous feeling of wanting to give up and die due to the lightning-fast operation of such a tool, potentially causing long-term PTSD and permanent mental damage after constant use.
Quickhack: Electromagnetic Override-Charges up the main processor of the PC pack on the back of the Darknetrunner before releasing a moderately large area of "Dark Netcode", a type of subnet code within the datatstream of the online world that gives significant debuffs and lockouts for all affected by the initial blast, as well as disabling all non-protected energy sources(I.E. Shields).
PASSIVE: Lambs Lost in the Slaughterhouse-Projects a heat signature of any wounded or hacked enemies that only the netrunner can see, but can be told to their squadmates via electronic pings in private channels. Also, when quickhacking stationary M.E.D stations, it overloads the alloted legal amount of drugs administered causing marginally more healing than usual.
PASSIVE: Hacker Class-Lurking in the shadows waiting to shut down systems and pick off the stragglers of the herd, the Hackers are notorious for their high burst damage, speed, and utility across the board in exchange for very light health and armor. Take slightly more damage from all sources, but take slightly less damage from the first second of being uncloaked. Does more damage to machine-based enemies.

'Combat ingenjör'

Known for their Ironclad defenses and state of the art sentry turret surveilance systems, the Combat ingenjör is one of Sweden's finest infantry soldiers that money can buy due to their open army economy policies enforced over 7 decades ago, in the year 2007. Forged in metal and oil, one could easily mistake these dwarvish midgets for walking robots due to the amount of aptitude they hold towards their beloved creations.

Armor Speed Class
High Slow Combat Engineer

20 Gauge Super Shorty Shotgun-A short and concealable 4-shot semi-automatic shotgun chambered in 20 Gauge Birdshot, with a custom half choke on the barrel of the gun for a better spread for short-medium range use.
12mm Armored Combat Sentry Turret-A modern marvel of the free world, this bulky sentry turret is capable of scanning a fairly long distance across all evelations thanks to a laster installed on the middle port between the main two 12mm rifled barrels, with the main drawback of such a device being it's extremely long rebuild regeneration time as well as being vulnerable to sniper fire and quickhacks to it's main systems of operations.
Reinforced Plating-Temporarily overrides the armor plating and swiftly reinforces it with a light plate of ceramic weave, lightly increasing the Armor, speed, and health of the wearer due to the ceramic being imbued with light, non-addictive painkiller and adrenaline-like chemicals for the wearer during the entire duration of the module. Long cooldown due to rarity of such a design.
PASSIVE: Combat Engineer Class-Controllers of the battlefield, these bastions of defensive positions are at their best in areas that can be easily defended from flankers of any kind. High HP and armor at the cost of slow speed and mobility options, as well as low damage outside of the combat turret.

'SAS Scout'

The pippiest and most annoyingly naive operators from the other side of the pond, the SAS Scouts are a special all female group of counterterrorist operators that are sent all over the world to protect the Queen's nation. Sporting insane speed and flexibilty, these glass Union Jack's hang their sense of pride and nationalism for their rulers with just as much enthusiasm as their commitment to make the world a better place.

Armor Speed Class
Very Light Very Fast Scout

Altered Arcplasma(9mm Parabellum Config Kit) G.L.onk Auto Pistols-
Arclight LLC. Movement-Assisted Tele-Phase Module-
Arclight LLC. Wound Reallocation Kit-
Arclight LLC. Arcplasma Adhesive Anti-Personnel Explosive-
PASSIVE: Scout Class-

'Anti-Material Personnel'

Contrary to popular belief, the UN are no slouches whenever it comes to taking care of threats to the people within it's organization. Born and raised to be the best sharpshooters at birth, the GIGN Anti-Material Personnel are french beauties with a big gun, and an even bigger obsession with precision. Give these fine shots an objective and they will set in the elements for days, waiting for the first opportunity to take the shot...

Armor Speed Class
Very Light Very Slow Anti-Material Sniper

H.O. .50 BMG Anti-Material Rifle-
Icarus Co. Latch-Hook Grappling Belt-
Motion-Activated Neurotoxin Acid Mine-
"Looking Glass" Omni-Directional Multi-Vision Reflective Goggles-
PASSIVE: Anti Material Sniper Class-


'SK-5 'Grasshopper' Mech'

After the first Omnic Crisis, South Korea needed a brand new and improved way to take out any potential resurgences of these Omnics gone mad with one purpose in mind: flexibility above all else. The solution?: The SK-5 'Grasshopper' Mech. A colorful and bulky mechsuit, this mobile tank was designed to protect both the user and their squad from any and all threats, with suitable countermeasures for offensive capabilities in the form of cannons and missiles.

Armor Speed Class
High Fast Vanguard Tank

Amadan Inc. Charged Scatter-Pattern Arcplasma Fusion Cannons-
]Amadan Inc. Hololight Matrix Module-
Jet Boost-
H.O. 25mm Jet-Assisted Micro Missles-
Amadan Inc. SK-5 Grasshopper Mech Airfall Protocol-
Amadan Inc. Arcplasma Light Personal Survival Pistol-
PASSIVE: Vanguard Tank Class-

'Crimsonstone Berserker'

Deep in the savannahs of Africa exists an insurgent cell of African tribesmen that refer to themselves as the "Crimsonstone Berserkers", a violent and ritualistic gang of people that excel in hand to hand combat and short-range engagements thanks to their cybernetic limbs financed by the Black Market. Light on their feet and soul, these bloodthirsty demons fight for their pagan gods in hopes of enough blood being able to satisfy their purpose on this world.

Armor Speed Class
Medium Fast Berserker

Decorated Tribal Fists of Ov'erate-
Flow Like the Earth-
Guardian of the Inner Soul-
Sacrificial Punch-
PASSIVE: Divine Blessings-
PASSIVE: Berserker Class-

'Madam Carnage'

This eccentric gun for hire has a sharp blade and even sharper personality, falling under her well known nickname in Australia as "Madam Carnage", a fitting moniker for the torment that she inflicts on her foes to the highest bidder. Violent tendancies combined with a pleasurable obsession with seeing blood being flayed out of people make this woman exceedingly dangerous to anyone fighting her, and a dark blessing for those in her employ.

Armor Speed Class
Medium Medium Marauder

12 Gauge 4/0 Buckshot Pump-Assisted Shotgun-
Barbed Torture-
Cruel Irony-
Demented Execution-
Authoritative Commands-
PASSIVE: Fellating Blood Sensations-
PASSIVE: Marauder Class-

'Tequila Sunset'

Not much is known about this individual, apart from the moniker he gives himself and the two very large custom made V44-'Lawnmower' miniguns attached to his cybernetic body. All we truly know for sure is that he is in fact a Samoan beefcake, and his disarming personality is almost as unnerving outside of the battlefield as it is inside of one.

Armor Speed Class
Medium Slow Minigunner

Custom-Fitted H.O. M102 5mm Chaingun Black Market Parts Kit-
Phoenix Inc. Pain Converter-
Overbearing Tackle-
Amadan LLC. Deployable Criminal Holding Energy Cell-
PASSIVE: Thrill of Masochism-
PASSIVE: Minigunner Class-

'OR15-A 'Protector' Unit'

After the terrorist attack caused by Talon in Nubani, the local government decided to revamp their project and in a twist of fate created a biomechanical marvel of nearly inpenetrable steel known, as the OR15-A 'Protector' Unit Variant. Whilst being significantly slower than the current Protector of Numbani, these hulking horse-like beasts still serve whoever is willing to incur their high asking cost and maintainence.

Armor Speed Class
Very High Very Slow Robotic Tank

4mm Plasma Heavy Machine Particle Cannon-
Nanoweave Fortification Protocol-
Movement Negation Protocol-
Civilian Retention Protocol-
Criminal Wrangling and Incapacitation Protocol-
PASSIVE: Robotic Tank Class-

'Elite Crusader'

Despite the fall of the original Crusader bloodline during the great defense of Eichenwalde, one of the most important events of world history to this day, many strides have been taken by the German populace and their government to recapture the magic of such wonderful protection technology. Their efforts created a much slower, but defensive suit of power armor with it's main focus being damage mitigation and civilian safeguarding. As such, only the finest of KSK members are alloted such an opportunity, but some dead soldiers tend to lose their biochipped suits for some reason...

Armor Speed Class
Very High Slow Crusader

"True Divinity" Cold-Forged Steel Battering Hammer-
Amadan LLC. Retractable Heavy Energy Barrier Field-
Glorious Strike-
Valiant Charge-
Hammerhead Overload-
PASSIVE: Protector Tank Class-

'Old Jacks'

Before the fall of Australia, there existed a special forces group known as the Old Jacks, who were primely aged men with even more finely aged combat tactics and equipment. After their proud nation fell to the Omnics, vitriol and hatred are all that remain in their hearts now, aimless and without a true purpose. However, both the UN and Black Market are always ready and willing to purchase their services, no matter the stipulations attached for their battle prowess alone.

Armor Speed Class
High Slow Breachers

4 Bore Double-Barrel Exotic Load Shotgun-
Iron Will Inc. Chain Hook-
Electro-Shock Trap-
Phoenix Inc. Rechargeable Combat Stimulant-
Change Load: Microshot-
PASSIVE: Breacher Class-



Medics that can heal their patients in very dangerous long range scenarios are often extremely hard to come by nowadays, but fortunately for both sides of the world, Anubis Security has that little niche nicely covered up. For in their ranks lie an all female squad of paramedics that are equipped with start of the art biomechanical precision syringe rifles, and nanomachine fluid grenades all built with one primary purpose in mind: bring their soldiers home, alive or dead.

Armor Speed Class
Very Light Slow Biotic Sniper

Phoenix Inc. Biometric 40ml Syringe Gun-
Phoenix Inc. Portable Biobot Dispersal Canister-
Biolock Tranquilizer Gun-
Phoenix Inc. Deus Ex Machina Injector-
PASSIVE: Biotic Sniper Class-

'Medic Commando'

Born and raised in the deepest parts of the Caribbean sea and it's islands, these commanders of both violence and nurturing do not come cheap thanks to their amazing capabilities of vertical domination and AOE health devices inbued in their equipment. Despite their exorbitant asking prices, both insurgent groups and Counterterrorist organizations seek their help in their ongoing fight for correct ideologies, and these medical pirates can't say no to a little extra green in their safehouses.

Armor Speed Class
Medium Slow Combat Medic

MK33 Multi-Purpose-Multi-Caliber(M.P.M.C) Burst Rifle-
40mm Biotic Grenades-
Counter-Cross Coalition Regen-Burst Gauntlet-
Phoenix Inc. Atomic Divider Kit Mk. 2-
Gyro Acceleration Stasis Field-
PASSIVE: Exo Boots-
PASSIVE: Combat Medic Class-

'S.T.A.R. Medic'

What happens when you give a tall and muscular swedish woman a set of armor, top of the line nanomachine biospray imbued in her clothing, and a hungry fire to squash any and all criminals with a long iron flail of justice? You get the experimental Swedish technology from the S.T.A.R's R&D Department, complete with a transparent Riot Shield for the maximum possible protection for an individual under the Hippocractic Oath.

Armor Speed Class
HIgh Slow Medic Tank

Wilhelm "Equalizer" Retractable Whip Flail-
Pop-Cap Whip Blast-
Self-Deployable Light Energy Riot Shield-
Shield Bash-
Phoenix Inc. Self-Repairing Armor Meshkit-
PASSIVE: Healing Mist-
PASSIVE: Medic Tank Class-


After the righteous takeover of Pariaso from the tyrannous rule of Vishar Industries, several other Brazillian musicians in the country decided to take inspiration from their freedom fighter and decided to become mercanaries for hire in the hopes to make the world a better place. With the perfect mix of speed and healing, these whizzed out parkour masters are more than willing to sacrifice themselves for not just their nation, but for the greater good of an equalized world.

Armor Speed Class
Very Light Very Fast Paramedic

Cânone Sonoro-
Force Push-
Manual Override-
Sound Field-
PASSIVE: Crossfade-
PASSIVE: Wall Climb-
PASSIVE: Paramedic Class-

'Combat Surgeon'

Straight out of Switzerland with a gleam in their eyes and a knack for saving people's lives, these surgeons are more than experienced behind the blade of a scapel and with the hot iron of a semi-auto pistol. No matter how far the patient is or if they are even alive, their wind thrusters and resurrection kits are more than enough to keep the team on their feet long enough to see their loved ones again.

Armor Speed Class
Very Light Fast Surgeon

K&H MK23 .45 ACP Pistol-
Servo-assisted Jetwing Boosters-
Critical Situation Solver-
PASSIVE: Angelic Descent-
PASSIVE: Surgeon Class-

'Mad Doctor'

These scientists are more than just some doctor when it comes to the heels of the battlefield. For you see, not only are they proficient with their biotic sprays and orbs for ranged and CQC medical administration, these sociopathic demons are equipped with a nanosuction device capapble of ripping the biological makeup of a living, breathing person in seconds. No matter what, do NOT get on these madmen and women's bad side. YOU WILL REGRET IT.

Armor Speed Class
Light Slow Bio-Medic

Anti-Necrotic Spray-
Corpse Collection Sample Collector-
Condensed Bio-Fluids-
CHAMELON TEC. F.A.E Apparatus-
Emergency Override Hose-
PASSIVE: Bio-Medic Class-

Players | 1 - 12
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Mauga, Orisa, and 24 more...
Maps: Ilios, Lijiang Tower, Nepal, Oasis, Black Forest, and 6 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.1



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