D.Va Titanfall by CaptCaptain#11421

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Standard Overwatch with a twist: everyone gets D.Va's Mech.


Complete standard map objectives.

Pilot Selection

When you're at the hero select screen, you can choose any hero to be your pilot hero. ~~(You can also go Baby D.Va but why would you choose her, she literally has no abilities.)~~

Click "Continue" at the bottom of the hero select screen to confirm your choice.

(Heroes such as Reaper, Mei, and Hammond unfortunately have broken ultimates in this mode, and are disabled)

"Bailing Out!"

When your mech is destroyed, your pilot hero will pop out and be launched into the air.

Pilots have no access to their abilities (Rein and Brigitte are the only exceptions with their shields) and have a very low HP pool.

Deal damage to charge up your ultimate.

"Suiting Up!"

As a pilot, once you've charged up your ultimate, you can call down another mech and return to the fight.

Pilot Ultimate

In your mech, if you have your ultimate charged, you will be able to use your pilot hero's ultimate (ex. Ana using Nano-Boost).

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Players | 1 - 12
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