Protect the President


10 bodyguards escort the president while an invisible sniper, who shows herself only when scoping in, aims to assassinate the president. Created by Nickian#1297, updated by MicrowaveJak#1490. Use code RVDMM for the latest and greatest version of the base game, or KKNTX for the experimental branch.


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Update Log (2)

MicrowaveJak created this revision. https://workshop.codes/users/MicrowaveJak

Added 'HEAD BODYGUARD' (Brigitte)
Playing Brig is intentionally very stressful. While positional intel can be very valuable, it is also dangerous to rely on it as Widow can move around very quickly. Your shield can only handle one or two charged widow shots, and the cooldown is excessive, so be conservative. Alternatively, whip shot does a lot of damage but leaves your President unprotected.

  • Brig is randomly selected at the same time as the President is elected
  • Brig receives intel on the Assassin's position every 3 seconds
  • Brig is unable to do damage except with Whipshot, which does excessive knockback
  • While Brig holds her shield up, the President can attach to her back if he is close by
  • Brig is able to heal in an emergency, but with a long cooldown and very reduced healing

These changes are designed to encourage aggression from the Assassin while also making her slightly more vulnerable.

  • When Widow takes damage, a red X will show her location to the soldiers for 2 seconds while she's visible (does not track her position)
  • When Widow uses Infra Sight, she is no longer visible to Brig nor is she made visible by damage
  • Widow's health has been reduced, but her heal on kill has been increased

One of the primary requests from players was to allow them to become President -- the election system now ensures that only a willing participant is President. The President also has control over whether or not they choose to trust Brig with their safety

  • The President can press the interact key to enable or disable 'Presidential Protection'. When this is disabled, they will no longer attach to Brig when she is shielding nearby
  • The President and Brig share a HUD element that indicates the President's opt-in or opt-out status
  • The President can fire Brig by holding Reload for 2 seconds
  • Firing your Brig has a 90 second cooldown to prevent abuse (specifically to prevent you from firing a dead Brig in favor of a live player)
  • The new Brig will be selected randomly from the pool of players via the same mechanism used when a Brig leaves the game
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