zenyatta boss with mini torb as his orbs

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

zen has 4 torbs as his orbs.
as zen:

  • you can shoot a torb with primary fire, hitting an enemy will damage them.
  • aim at a torb and press secondary fire to return him.
  • press crouch and secondary fire to call back all free torbs.
  • aim at a torb and press interact to blow him up, damaging all enemies near by.

calling back torb and blowing a torb up will result in a short cooldown for that torb.
a torb dying will give him a longer seconds cooldown.

as torb:

  • run after enemies and hit them with your hammer.
  • eliminate all enemies before your zen dies.
  • defend zen.

as enemy team:

  • eliminate zen before the torbs eliminate you.
  • eliminating a torb will give him a 20 seconds cooldown.

game host can add stuff in the workshop settings. you can add torb bots with ai and fog.
scoring may have bugs. i didnt have a chance to test it yet.
everything is buggy. no one joins my costum games so i cant test it.
known bugs: if zen leaves the game all torbs turn into zen and get teleported to outside of the map
zen health doesnt restart when a round starts.

Categories: Elimination
Tags: boss zen torb
Heroes: Torbjörn, Zenyatta
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