Overwatch, but damage deals knockback

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Overwatch, but damage deals knockback instead

A fast paced, rapid fire, and free-for-all game mode, but instead of taking damage, you will take knockback!

Will you be able claim the throne, by reaching the goal of 25 kills in 5 minutes, or be the at the bottom?


  • Knockback the target receives is based on the damage you deal, with multiple heroes rebalanced so all heroes are fun in their own regard!
  • Punch deals a strong amount of knockback, regardless of the damage dealt - an excellent ability on tanks!
  • Features automatic pausing/unpausing if there is less than 2 players in the game.
  • Features a time reset if no players are in the game (and the lobby is still active).
  • Airborn players become hacked if they don't touch the floor within 5 seconds, to prevent circumventing knockback effects, allowing only the strongest willed to survive!

Play While You Wait

This mode is perfect for those who want to play a game inbetween their queues, and get a few shots on people as they fly off the map!

Heroes: All
Created At:
Updated At:
Version: 0.3.11

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