LunaPark in Overwatch! (An Amusement Park in Gamemode)

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Welcome to LunaPark in Overwatch! An Amusement Park Gamemode in Overwatch made for Fun Chilling! In this gamemode, everybody is free to do what they want and what they desire. There are endless possibilities within this map! 4 rides and 10 fun booths/stores/places is all present in this one gamemode that can help you chill, explore, have fun, and even practice even while waiting for along queue!


  • All CC Abilities and Ultimates are currently disabled for a fun experience for everybody
  • Hammond is currently not playable as it is currently making a conflict with the LunaPark Express Hammond

Everything LunaPark has to offer:


Open Role Booths:

  • Since you can only spawn as a DPS hero in this gamemode, ive made a booth dedicated to switching to other roles such as tank and support!
  • Open DPS Booths are TWO and they are Team Spawns wherein you can normally switch to a hero
  • Open Tank and Support Booths have colored rings corresponding to a certain hero in which you can switch to by crouching in it.

Low Gravity Booth:

  • A small room or booth that lets you swim in low gravity! including low projectile gravity and speed!
  • This can be mainly used in looking at projectiles in detail and their designs

Photo Booth:

  • A small booth for doing emotes, poses and actions with other people to take pictures of!
  • You can take any screenshot by using the screenshot shortcut that you have (Windows Key + PrtScreen)
  • The controls are reversed in this Booth
  • You can turn off the HUD by Alt + Z

Horror Booth:

  • A wide booth mainly made for horror attractions and eerieness of atmosphere!
  • Features a large fog that covers the whole area
  • A blindness effect as you walk
  • Various camera changes and blinking
  • Scary Text messages popping up in your screen

Rifle Range Booth:(Made by Rany)

  • A booth made for practicing and honing your aim amongst mainly rifle heroes () and maybe other heroes!
  • A booth that is very precise and accurate wherein you'll know you hit the orbs correctly if they explode!


Upgrade Store

  • A Store dedicated for buying OR refunding Upgrades and Convenient Status Changes!
  • Available Upgrades:_ Speed Increase, _Size Increase, Size Decrease, Jump Height, Free Ultimate
  • Buying and Refunding is possible by Crouching near an ICON

Mini Fashion Store

  • A Store mainly for getting cosmetics and aesthetic design for your character as you go throughout the rest of the map!
  • Getting cosmetics is possible by crouching in the orange ring, while crouching in the red ring deletes your cosmetic
  • All Available Cosmetics:_ Good Aura Cosmetic, _Fog Cosmetic, Sparkles Cosmetic, Mysterious Smoke Cosmetic


LunaPark Express(Made by Rany)

  • Take a trip around the WHOLE LunaPark Map on the LunaPark Express both on land and on waters!
  • Crouch + Melee can change camera view as you go
  • You are able to see new sights in Blizzard World!
  • Multiple Players can Ride the Express!

LunaPark Floating Space Shuttle(Inspired and Taken from the Roller Coaster Gamemode by: Octonida)

  • Take a fun and exciting ride around the central plaza as the space shuttle speeds up and slows down at the same time!
  • The ride can speed up and slow down over time!
  • Only One player can ride the shuttle!

Ferris Wheel(Made by Rany)

  • Take a slow enchanting ride on a large ferris wheel that rotates and even lets you look at a top view of the whole LunaPark Map
  • Crouch + Melee can change camera view as you go
  • It can contain 12 players, but the game can only hold 9 players because of dummy bots sadly


  • A quick and short ride around the central statue!
  • (Mainly made for fun and memes hehe)
  • Only one player can ride the Lucio-Go-Round!



  • A place in the central part of the first section of the map wherein it makes you jump endlessly!


  • Secret Shortcuts

And that's all! I hope you can have a blast with this gamemode, Enjoy!

Categories: Miscellaneous
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 26 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.2

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