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Whip Shot Practice

Practice your mace-to-the-face skills by training your Whip Shot bonks! Useful to make sure you have that Inspire Uptime and can push back foes with ease.

Dive Denial (Original by KevlaR)

Nerf after nerf, Brigitte continues to be one of the best picks on the support lineup against dive comps. Practice denying blades, surviving Doomfist engages, and booping away pesky Winstons.

Included heroes and suggested countermeasures:

  • Winston: deny engages by whip shotting Winston mid-air during his leap
  • Genji: Wait until Genji burns dash on you, then Shield Bash and Whip Shot combo to create enough distance
  • Doomfist: Block Seismic Slam with your shield, Shield Bash to stun, and Whip Shot to avoid uppercut
  • Sombra: Getting hacked will instantly kill you. React to the translocation and boop the Sombra out of range with your Whip Shot.

Ultimate Escape

Shield Bash isn't just about offense; it's Brigitte's only mobility option. Practice getting out of AoE ults, as staying alive as a support is usually your number one priority.

Pro Tip: Pressing Jump right at the end of your Shield Bash will allow you to carry momentum from your Shield Bash for longer and let you cover more ground faster.

Included heroes and suggested countermeasures:

  • Mei: Pretty straightforward, shield bash out of her Blizzard. A great opportunity to learn how to momentum hop out of Shield Bash.
  • Sigma: The Sigma will hold their ult for a random amount of time. Wait for the visual cue to appear on the ground, then bash to safety.
  • Wrecking Ball (Hammond): You have plenty of time to react to the sound cue of the Minefield before the mines activate. However, the Wrecking Ball will attempt to piledriver you, so bash out and turn your shield towards the landing zone to block the damage.

Counter Charging

As one of the few supports with hard CC, it's important to utilize your Shield Bash to counter enemy aggression. Counter charging is just one of the many ways you can keep your team safe! Practice countering Reinhardt charges and Doomfist punches, and for an added challenge, turn away from them and try reacting to the sound cues!

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Update Log (3)


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where players could become "stuck" on the edge of the ring when respawning in Dive Denial.

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