Big Fish Little Fish

  • All players begin as small fish
  • Small fish are fast and hard to see, but can be eaten by most other fish
  • To become big fish, they must either eat other fish or collect plankton
  • Eating another fish steals a percentage of their attributes
  • Melee attack smaller fish to insta-kill them

  • Collect plankton power ups scattered around the map for various effects:
  • Green increases size and heals you
  • Blue increases passive ultimate charge
  • Purple increases projectile speed
  • Yellow increases your movement speed and acceleration swimming up and down
  • Red increases your maximum ammo
  • White reduces ability cooldowns
  • To win, be the largest fish when time expires


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Not to bad, but I think the balancing is a bit off. Mei seems powerful and other characters are nerfed a bit too much.


Hey Painrelivers, just so you know, you can update codes in the workshop now if you select "upload to existing code" in the dropdown when you go to create a code.

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