Slow-mo ability for everyone


Slow-mo ability for everyone

Made by Bonkorn.

Spin-off of Superhot 1v11!

Press [CROUCH] or [INTERACT] to slow down the time for 1.5 seconds, 5 seconds cooldown.

Game and Infomation Mechanics:

  • Only can use slow-mo ability after game has started (after setup).
  • Only can use slow-mo ability when alive, not hacked, not knocked down, not asleep, not frozen, not stunned.
  • Each time slow-mo occurs, a small message with the user's hero and user's name will be displayed.
  • When hero of enemies are not displayed in the scoreboard, enemy user's hero will not be displayed in the small message.
  • Team Gamemode is also supported! Will feature status of teammates' slow-mo ability on top-left.

Team Gamemode:

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Current version | 1.0.2

Update Log


Fixed cooldown timer stuck at 0.1sec.



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