PEEKABOO by ThomasFox#21657

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How things work?

During 10 seconds, everyone is invisible and can't kill each other. However, it's possible to hear your opponents and also to see their footsteps.

Then... Peekaboo!!!

During 3 seconds, everyone turns visible, can't move any longer but can be killed in one hit... Hurry up! Kill someone to turn invisible again before someone else kills you! Every hero has special abilities described below. After the 3 seconds everyone turns invisible again for 10 seconds, etc.

The objective to capture appears quite fast to avoid stupid camping around the map, and make the mode faster in general.

Special abilities of the Heroes :

Weapon : Sonic fire strike /
Passive : Low Gravity /
Defense : Shield to cancel one hit /
Special : One ultimate for each kill

Weapon : Hook /
Passive : Low Gravity /
Defense : E for emergency invisibility /
Special : One ultimate for each kill

Weapon : Shurikens /
Passive : Climbing and double jumping /
Defense : Deflect /
Special : NONE

Weapon : Pistol /
Passive : NONE /
Defense : Can roll during the screamer phase to dodge one hit /
Special : One ultimate for each kill done with the flash bang

Weapon : Ice Pikes /
Passive : Big Gravity /
Defense : Ice Cube & Ice Wall /
Special : NONE

Weapon : Sniper /
Passive : NONE /
Defense : NONE /
Special #1 : One ultimate for each kill with sleep dart /
Special #2 : The Nanoboost allows a teammate to move during the screamer phase

Weapon : Blaster /
Passive : Can hover during the screamer phase but it makes noice /
Defense : NONE /
Special : Can revive people

Weapon : Balls /
Passive : Makes no sound but says "hello" when he appears and "thank you" when he turns invisible again /
Defense : NONE /
Special : One ultimate after 2 kills

Weapon : Mace /
Passive : NONE /
Defense : Shield to cancel one hit /
Special #1 : One ultimate for each kill /
Special #2 : If Brigitte is killed while using her ultimate, the killer will be killed too

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Players | 1 - 12
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