1v11 Magical Reinhardt Boss (PANTS EDITION)

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ORIGINAL MODE: https://workshop.elohell.gg/MKtoTTChs

In this modified version of Deathmatch, up to eleven non-boss players all fight a super-powered Reinhardt, with many different effects, power-ups, and buffs. All players must team up to take down a common enemy, before he destroys the world (he doesn't destroy the worlk im kidding). Also includes many hero reworks, suited to make many new heroes more prepared to fight this powerful boss.


Here's some more in-detail explanations of the mode. Reading is not requisite to play though.


A hulking German man in full-plate armor, his goal is to eliminate enough enemy players to win. His kill goal and health increases per enemy hero upon his summoning. He has a variety of different powers to help him with his goal:


The player that becomes the boss is chosen randomly. However, you can choose to opt out of the boss selection by pressing Interact (Default: F, or press down left analog stick). You can opt back in by pressing again.


It hurts and no one likes it. Reinhardt especially. So, instead of falling to his death, he flies up taking 1000 damage.


Reinhardt has six different passive effects that are automatically selected. Rein's passive effect changes periodically. These effects are applied to enemies he damages. Some of them are more rare to get than others:

BURN - Deals increased damage based on the target's maximum health (deals 1/8 of enemy's max hp as damage). Effective against tankier targets (I'd actually make them burn but it crashes the game a lot).

FREEZE - Freezes the target for a short time (0.88s). Its possible to keep the target frozen constantly with hammer swings, but they have a small window to escape if they have movement abilities.

HACK - Hacks the target (4s). Effective against mobile targets

DAMAGE UP - Give's Rein a damage buff directly (200% damage dealt). Effective against squishier targets

SLEEP - Puts the enemy to sleep (5s). Effective against insomniacs.

SPEED - Increases movement and Firestrike speed (2x). Effective against immobile targets.


Along with his normal abilities, Rein also gets a few new ones:

Super Jump: Holding crouch will charge a powered-up jump. Also slightly damages nearby enemies, applying your current passive effect. Good for catching Mercies or Pharahs, or just getting to a higher-up area. 15s cooldown

Super Ability Mode: Holding up his shield will charge his Super Ability. Then, using Firestrike or Charge will cause them to be more powerful; his Firestrike doing loads more damage, or his Charge making him extremely fast. 30s cooldown

Earthquake: His Earthshatter launches people in the main blast high into the air, dealing serious damage, and also applying a heavily powered-up version of your current passive effect onto them. Also slightly knocks down everyone else in the game, doing small damage, giving them a normal version of your current passive effect. Flying Pharahs and Mercies are knocked down for a longer duration than everyone else, depending on their altitude, so Rein can get a hit in on them.


Periodically, an enemy hero will randomly drop an item. Picking these up will temporarily give Reinhardt a randomly-chosen item effect, making him plenty more powerful. Here's the list of items:

INVISIBILITY - Make's Reinhardt invisible. He occasionally blinks visible during the ability's duration, but other than that he's unseeable. Good for making people annoyed.

POISON CLOUDS - Rein relives his middle-school experience and puts wayyy to much Axe on (30s). Puts lethal clouds on Rein's current location every 4s that damage people inside, also applying your current passive effect on them. Good for fighting in closed-in areas.

BOMBS - Rein reveals he's actually a Junkrat main (30s). Damaging people will plant a bomb in them, exploding after 1.25s (50 dmg to enemy with bomb, 75 dmg to nearby enemies).Good for heavily-grouped enemies.

VORTEX - After a cast time (8s), you create a vortex around you, making all far away enemies within line-of-sight get sucked into you, also applying your current passive effect on them (20s). Good for fighting in open areas.


As the heroes, they must team up and eliminate the boss, before he kills too many people. No, heroes aren't able to damage each other. While the boss has plenty of powerful abilities of his own, the heroes have a few tricks up their sleeve:


After all, you are a team. You might not have much raw power individually, but playing smart can put you at an advantage.


Obviously, since this gamemode is in Deathmatch, all players are considered enemies. So when a Support hero attempts dealing damage to other heroes, they heal instead, with varying degrees of success. Some hero abilities also are reworked to help with this, but that will be shown later in the Hero section.


Since other heroes can't hear you use voice commands like Group Up, Need Healing, and Ultimate Status, using these commands show's an icon over your head, based on the command you used. This will help communicate with your team.


In your perilous fight against Reinhardt, damage dealt and healing dealt are tracked on the top left:

Your Damage Dealt stat shows how much damage you dealt to Reinhardt. Damaging Reinhardt's barrier doesn't increase this stat. Pretty straightforward, I assume.

Your Healing Dealt stat shows how much of Rein's damage was countered by you, usually through healing. Some hero abilities also reduce damage taken, which also applies to this stat if you take damage from Rein while using them.

It also shows a % form:

Damage dealt's % form shows how much of the damage dealt to Reinhardt has been dealt by you. With 11 heroes, the statistical average is ~9.09%, if everyone dealt the same damage to Rein.

Healing dealt's % form shows how much of Reinhardt's damage you countered. For example, doing 1000 healing when Rein's dealt 10,000 damage means you countered 10% of his damage.

After the game is finished, every hero's damage dealt % stat is shown, whether or not they won. This shows how much they directly contributed to damaging Reinhardt.


Like really. Having 11 of them pelleting you to death isn't fun. So only 2 of the same hero can be played at the same time. Trust me its for your own good


For many reasons, certain heroes don't really work in this gamemode, like ally-based abilities, general unviability, or other heroes being better alternatives. So, certain heroes are reworked to make the fight against Reinhardt a bit more interesting. Here's the list of all current hero changes:


Due to Mercy's reliance on teammates, she was very underwhelming, even with increased damage and healing numbers, other than when she used her ultimate. So instead, Mercy now has infinite flight, allowing her to stay safe from the Reinhardt (most of the time). However, her damage and healing is significantly decreased as a counterbalance. Along with that, she's knocked down for longer from Reinhardt's ability Earthquake, based on her distance from the ground.

Passive: Damage Dealt 33%, Health 35%, Proj. Speed 500%. Knocked down by Earthquake longer, based on altitude.

Valkyrie: Always Active.


Discord Orb has been a really powerful ability in boss modes, since it has infinite duration, no cooldown, and a strong damage increase. Despite its normal strength, it was also finicky to use, because of the limited cast range and its need for LoS, which being so immobile makes it hard to run if the boss spotted you. This rework fixes all of this. Also, his ultimate could only be used for escaping the boss, removing its healing potential in team-based modes, which this rework also fixes.

Discord Orb: 6s duration, 12s cooldown. Increases Rein's damage taken by +15%. Global range.

Transcendense: Heals all heroes nearby for 150 every 0.5s, 6s duration.


Because B.O.B. is a turret, he would often target heroes, instead of the boss. This rework gives the same effect of B.O.B.'s over-time effect of being a turret, in the form of a fire beam. However, the beam would give Rein an idea as to where Ashe is.

BURN, BURN, BURN!: Deals 750 damage over 75 seconds.


Ana's grenade would often cause problems, limiting allies healing, so it had to be removed. Along with this, Nano Boost was sort of pointless, since Ana isn't able to do much damage in the first place. So, to make up for grenade and nano boost's lack of power, nano boost has been reworked.

Biotic Grenade: Removed

Nano Boost: 4x damage, 3x healing. Speed reduced by 70%. Scoping doesn't reduce speed while Nano Boost is active.


Since Lucio's team often played around the utility of his songs, Lucio's songs now play for all nearby heroes. Also, because Sound Barrier can only really affect himself, it generates faster than normal.

Passive: Ultimate charges 4x faster than everyone else

Crossfade: Heal all nearby heroes for 24 every 1s, or increase speed by x1.20

Amp It Up: Heal all nearby heroes for 24 every 0.5s, or increase speed by 1.5x


Reaper's ultimate was really good for getting rid of a group of enemies normally, but in boss modes, there would be only 1 enemy to target. It would be more useful to just use his shotguns, and his ult would end up being a suicide button anyways. So, Reaper's ult has been buffed to make it more usable.

Death Blossom: Deals 2x damage, increases movement speed by 210%, untargetable while using ability.


Her Projected Barrier is normally very powerful for protecting specific allies in danger, but because all players are considered enemies in Deathmatch, the ability is unusable. Also, her ultimate would often catch other heroes in it, basically guaranteeing kill for Reinhardt. Both have been reworked.

Projected Barrier: Reduces damage taken by Zarya and all nearby allies by 50% for 5s. 12 second cooldown. Zarya is credited with Healing Dealt if she prevents damage.

Graviton Surge: Increases damage dealt by +50% for 12s, instead of creating a gravity well.


Mei's freeze spray and Blizzard would often crash games, because of the damage tick rate and number of people affected by the attacks. Besides this, they could be used to negatively affect allied heroes. This aims to fix these problems.

Passive: Damage dealt 150% Ammo 150%

Primary Fire: Removed

Blizzard: Now instead gradually slows Reinhardt over 1.5s, then freezes him for 1.75s.


Genji doesn't really compare to Tracer, as she more readily has mobility and damage than him in boss modes. So Genji has a completely new playstyle, revolving around fighting close-quarters. His naturally higher mobility/health and Deflect can get him out of sticky situations of Reinhardt notices Genji.

Passive: Damage dealt 65%, Health 150%, Movement Speed 105%. Lower gravity and higher jumps.

Swift Strike: Removed

Dragonblade: Always active.


Though Widowmaker is naturally effective on open maps, she is somewhat underwhelming. She's meant to have a low damage output, in exchange for having it very effective against low-health enemies. With no one to insta-kill, her damage needs to be buffed. Also why not give her infinite ult too? It will help her know where the main fight is, so she can distance herself from it.

Passive: Damage dealt 130%.

Infra-Sights: Always active.


Sombra's Hack can be very effective at dealing with Reinhardt's abilities, but her EMP would catch many allies when used on Rein. Also, Sombra's Stealth would often get broken by allies. This rework fixes these problems.

Stealth: Untargetable while fully cloaked. Can be damaged during cast time.

EMP: Hacks Reinhardt for 10s, notifies all allies. Also propels Sombra in the air too, i guess.


Moira would often cause server crashes, because of her orbs constantly damaging so many players so quickly. Besides this, it was way to effective at healing large groups, because it heals all people damaged by the orb. Also, Coalescence wouldn't do very much healing, considering it would normally do very large amounts of healing for teammates in normal games. This rework fixes these problems. The healing boosts from Biotic Orb and Coalescence add instead of multiply, preventing it from being x4 healing.

Biotic Orb: Instead, doubles damage, increases healing by +100%

Coalescense: Increases healing by +100%


Sigma's ultimate would often catch other heroes in the area. It also would deal an unintended amount of damage to Reinhardt, because of his variable max health. So, his ultimate has been changed to work more predictably, and prevent allies from being negatively affected.

Gravitic Flux: Stuns Reinhardt for 3s,


Symmetra: Teleporter isn't usable by anyone else than her, turrets target allied heroes, photon barrier only blocks ally hero's bullets
Torbjorn: turret targets allied heroes
Pharah: Might be a bit too lofty. Ultimate can be countered a bit too easily with shield, firestrike, or just going to attack her
Orisa: Her main premise is her shield, but that only blocks ally hero's bullets. Should credit her with healing dealt while using Fortify
Winston: Damage isnt very effective on Reinhardt, easy to kill, barrier blocks ally hero's bullets
Baptiste: Immortality field/regen burst/amp.matrix only affects himself, heal grenades dont affect allied heroes
Doomfist: CC might be too powerful, but kit is too fluid to rework an ability
Roadhog: Should credit him with healing dealt while using Take a Breather.
Tracer: Might be a bit powerful.

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Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 26 more...
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