Dont let Ana see you awake! by RoastBeef#11541

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Team 1 = Ana, Team 2 = 6 Players.

Because Ana is old asf, Ana has FOV of 35 degrees and can only see up to 5m away.
Anyone on the other team in her vision that she catches awake will be killed instantly. Ana is one son of a, crazy grandma.
Her aim speed is also lowered to 40% to nerf sweeping.
Each kill will give her 1 point.

Team 2's objective is to sneak up to Ana, and melee her to also kill her instantly.
You can hold the F button to pretend to go to sleep and you'll be safe from that delusionally crazy lady.
Each time Ana dies, will give the whole team 5 points.

First to 30 WINS!!

Made during the 1hr workshop jam on the theme of "Nap Time".

Also credits to Phasmite for making my huds/icons/messages look a lot better.

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