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Practice your skills in different situations, charging and counter-charging, blocking earthshatters/sleep darts, timing earthshatters, and firestriking Pharahs in order to hone your skills as a Reinhardt.
Thanks to PMAJellies, Seita, and MrPig100's codes and ideas

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NoDah *

When I press interact in the circles, nothing happens, any help?

Parrboy creator *

You might not be close enough or your interact might not be bound, also if you have a circle activated you have to leave it and press interact again to end the simulation (If the red border appears it has worked and the simulation will begin shortly) if you have a simulation activated, you cannot turn on another until you turn it off. Let me know if this still doesn't work and I'll look at it again


I figured out my issue, I had my interact key bounded to the same button as my push to talk. Changing the push to talk button to a different button worked

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