Smash Bros.


Inspiration Nintendo's Super Smash Brothers
Created by MichioYuuki and Tymo
Knock back mechanics By A6337275055

There have already been a number of boop-based custom modes in Overwatch. With this mode, my goal is to emulate the thrill and the hilarious moments that Smash players know so well.

It may be a while before we can say this goal has been achieved... but I believe it is possible!!


Difficulty: **
Strengths: Accurate ranged damage to punish high fliers; coach gun for highground/recovery
Weaknesses: Lightweight with limited mobility; no dynamite


Difficulty: *
Strengths: Controls encounters in effective range with shield-bash and whip-shot
Weaknesses: Cannot chase enemies far; can be punished from range


Difficulty: *
Strengths: A heavyweight that boasts offensive tools, mobility (boosters), defence (matrix)
Weaknesses: Large target; some abilities pass through defence matrix


Difficulty: **
Strengths: Verticle and horizontal mobility; no ammo cap on hand cannon
Weaknesses: Needs to get close and personal to be effective; no seizmic slam


Difficulty: **
Strengths: High damage; can use mines for mid-air control
Weaknesses: Slow moving speed; no trap; requires enclosed area for maximum effectiveness


Difficulty: *
Strengths: Insane mobility
Weaknesses: Lightweight; boop effective range forces him to get close to targets


Difficulty: ***
Strengths: Best verticle mobility and recovery
Weaknesses: Only has jump jet without fuel


Difficulty: *
Strengths: A heavyweight that packs a punch; improved speed; able to use ultimate (earthshatter)
Weaknesses: No ranged abilities


Difficulty: ***
Strengths: No cooldown on hook, granting excellent CC (just consider your target carefully); able to use ultimate (whole hog)
Weaknesses: Can ONLY boop with ultimate (charges at twice speed)


Difficulty: **
Strengths: Improved mobility; can dance around shield; accretion (rock throw) speed increased
Weaknesses: No primary fire; no kinetic grasp; moment of vulnerability when using accretion


Difficulty: **
Strengths: A heavyweight with decent mobility
Weaknesses: Weak damage; can only boop enemies by landing on/near them (jump pack)

Wrecking Ball

Difficulty: ***
Strengths: Can rush down enemies with speed if used correctly; able to use ultimate
Weaknesses: Difficult to control for beginners


Difficulty: **
Strengths: Shield regen forces opponents to continually land hits in order to defeat her; able to use ultimate (graviton surge)
Weaknesses: No primary fire; projectiles lack speed and accuracy


Difficulty: ***
Strengths: High mobility and hard to hit; able to use ultimate (pulse bomb)
Weaknesses: Relies on ultimate to boop targets; no recall


Difficulty: **
Strengths: Can deflect damage and certain abilities; able to use ultimate
Weaknesses: Relies on ultimate to boop targets


Difficulty: **
Strengths: Can use discord orb to pressure targets; regenerating shields
Weaknesses: No orb of healing; low mobility


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