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Short Description

This game is a serious game mode, and it's designed to give you a Competitive Overwatch experience, while emulating the conditions of ranked play in our most popular MOBA games. You assemble your team heroes with a draft pick where teams take turn in picking heroes, and no mirror picks are allowed. The hero you pick, you will be locked onto. Then, you start the game with no abilities, only primary fire and secondary fire. Level up to obtain abilities and buffs!

Draft Pick

How It Works

All instructions will be shown to you in in-game messages. In case you miss it, and want to understand more, here's a detailed explanation: The game will start when all 12 slots are filled, but can be started earlier by the moderator. When you enter the game, you can pick your hero of choice (or whatever hero) to spawn, and when you spawn, you will see in the middle of the screen when it's your turn to pick. When your turn comes, you will have 16 seconds to finalize your hero pick by pressing the Crouch button. No hero that has been previously selected will be allowed.

When all heroes are picked, the game starts. When your ult-meter reaches 100%, you will level up, and you can pick a power-up. When you have all power ups (when you reach level 6), you will get your ultimate. Your power-up choices are:

  • Ability 1 (press crouch + ability 1 to obtain)
  • Ability 2 (press crouch + ability 2 to obtain)
  • 42% Damage/Healing buff (press crouch + primary/secondary fire)
  • 42% Health/Barrier buff (press crouch + jump)

For Control maps, your power-ups (but not your current ult charge) will carry over between rounds. For any other game mode, the power-ups will reset when you switch sides, for fairness.

Early Gameplay

Future Improvements

Here's a list of intended improvements, and the status of them, in order of priority:

  1. Hero ability level-ups - I'd like to make it so you can level up your abilities, for instance Tracer could start with only one blink, and then have to level up to get two, and then three. But the workshop doesn't allow ability modifications yet.
  2. Hero balance - I'd like to make specific balance changes to each hero, as they are really unbalanced without their two abilities. I'd like to spend time on this when we can customize hero abilities, so I'm hoping for a workshop update soon.
  3. Item shop - I would like to make a monetary system (like eliminations reward gold) and then you can buy things in a store. I've seen some other game modes have store functionality, so this should be very doable. But I sincerely want to keep all descriptions for the functionalities in the game, and I am currently very limited by the lack of strings that I'm allowed to use.
  4. Melee Only Start - I think it would be hilarious if the game started with melee only. No primary fire, no secondary fire, no passives, nothing. And then you gain all your abilities by leveling. Unfortunately, Reinhardt doesn't have a melee attack, and I think it'd be a shame to exclude him from competitive Overwatch.
  5. Hero Bans - I'd like to introduce bans to the draft pick phase, at least 1 per team. But it is problematic before there are at least 4 heroes in each role, ie 4 main tanks.
  6. Locked 2-2-2 - This would be no problem for me to add right now, but I wanted to simply wait with this until next version!

Feature Requests for Blizzard

I'd like the following features added to the workshop to further be able to expand on this game mode:

  • Custom strings. Or at least a ton more strings to choose from. Like "health", "primary fire", "interact", "press" etc. I want this to be able to produce in-game explanations of how it works.
  • Hero-specific ability modifications in-game, like changing Tracer's number of blink charges to 1 or 2 when that ability is leveled up.
  • Customizable ult charge speed so that for early levels, the ult charges faster and later levels (when you do much more damage and healing with your abilities) slower.
  • More button triggers - currently, there are only like 7 of them. Why not add melee button, emotes, interactions and all kinds of things, so that the opportunities to make functionality is limitless. Maybe even let us customize the strings in the interaction wheel?

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Players | 1 - 12
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