D.Va Spaceship Skirmish


D.Va's mech is a spaceship!

  • Fly using main thrusters, maneuvering thrusters, and omnidirectional braking thrusters
  • Attack the enemy reactor by flying inside it and shooting
  • Repair your reactor by loading cargo from drops and delivering it to your depot
  • Attack enemy spaceships
  • Rescue downed pilots and return them to base
  • Use the jump drive to travel quickly across the map and outmaneuver the enemy

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Categories | Survival, Protect, Miscellaneous
Heroes | D.va
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 0.4.1


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Update Log (7)

  • Add maximum landing speed, beyond which the mech does not land.
  • Adjustable workshop mode settings for many facets of the mode
  • Show input binding strings in HUD
  • Lijang Tower map
  • Ability to land on ground
  • Frozen-in-space effects for ejected pilots at low HP
  • Collision damage effects
  • 100-point shield (helps with collision damage)
  • Enhanced jump drive effects
  • Improved propulsion effects
  • Reactor damage effects
  • 3rd-person camera (WIP, a bit jittery)
  • Various fixes and enhancements
  • Improve jump drive HUD instructions.
  • Fix cargo drop visibility upon players joining.
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