D.Va Spaceship Skirmish


D.Va's mech is a spaceship! Fly using boosters and attack enemy spaceships! Rescue downed pilots and return them to base! Attack the enemy reactor by flying inside it and shooting! Repair your reactor by loading cargo from drops and delivering it to your depot! Use the jump drive to travel quickly and surprise the enemy!

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Categories | Survival, Protect, Miscellaneous
Heroes | D.va
Maps | Dorado
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 0.3.1


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Update Log

  • Improve jump drive HUD instructions.
  • Fix cargo drop visibility upon players joining.
  • Added jump drive to travel quickly around the map
  • Various fixes and enhancements.
  • Added jump drive to travel quickly around the map.
  • Various fixes and enhancements.

The upcoming workshop changes on PTR are very exciting for this mode...

  • Many fixes and enhancements.
  • The PTR changes are gonna be huge! (Actually, tiny!)
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