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> Gun Game/Hero Gauntlet where you play from DVA to Zen. Kill or play the ultimate to swap to the next hero. You keep % of health and ultimate when you swap. Suicides are punished - Jokaes#2263

Gun Game / Hero Gauntlet


  • You go from DVA to Zenyatta.
  • You keep the % of health and ultimate charge when you get an elimination and switch to the next hero.
  • You can get an elimination killing a hero or using the ultimate.
  • Effects to make the transition between hero more visible (white if it's for a final blow and yellow if it's for the ultimate).
  • A hero icon in the head of a hero to show in which is transitioning.
  • The ultimate in this mode doesn't work as always instead you gain an elimination and swap to the next hero in the list.
  • Suicides are punished. You lose 1 elimination, all your ultimate charge and return to the previous hero.
  • The game starts immediately and when it finishes it restarts on a new map.
  • Time goes up instead of down.
  • HUD showing your next five heroes.

  • HUD showing your actual swap.

  • The default list is "DVA to Zen" but you can change it if you want

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