🔗 Switcheroo Deathmatch


FFA deathmatch, but every 10 seconds, everyone switch places with one another.
Set up traps, jump off the map, or put your opponent in a difficult situation, right before the Switcheroo.
But be warned, not all Switcheroos will be successful, so don't play yourself.
You get points for causing your opponent to die to environmental damage after the Switcheroo.
Come out with creative new ways to cause your opponent to die!

Custom Workshop Settings

There are 2 variables where you can change to customise your playing experience.

Settings Description
Time between Global Switcheroo Controls how often Switcheroo happens. Lower Value: Switcheroo happens faster
Global Switcheroo Success Rate Controls how often Switcheroo will be successful. Lower value: Switcheroo fails more (i.e. no one teleports)

Access custom settings here

Power Ups

There are many Power-Ups that spawn around the map. The more players there are, the faster they spawn.
Press Interact to use your active Power-Up.

Power Up Colour Description
Protected Sky Blue Become invincible for 5 seconds.
Jump Up Green Powerful upwards jump.
Come Here Orange Switch place with a random player.
Avoid Switcheroo Red Immune to all switches^ until the end of next Global Switcheroo.


  • If a Power-Up isn't picked up after some time, it will despawn, and respawn in a new location.
  • Collecting a new Power-Up will overwrite the old one
  • ^Come Here Power-Up will not target you, and you won't teleport in the next global Switcheroo

The Power-Ups appear as orbs like these




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This code is really freaking fun! I hope you continue working on it to develop it out a little further and make it even better.

DragonEngineer creator *

hey, thanks! I have someone feedback to me about certain hero abilities being too strong (like Pharah's flying), might do hero-specific balance changes eventually. Other than that most features are kinda done. Might add new Power-Ups, and will always be adding new maps and heroes whenever possible.

Update Log


Power-ups changes

  • Forced the power-ups to appear on the ground, so power-ups should no longer appear mid air.
  • Made it easier to pick up the power-ups.
  • Reduced power-up spawn vertical height from +/- 20m from a random player to +/- 5m from a random player.
  • You can no longer use "No Switcheroo" Power-up 0.05s before the Global Switcheroo.
  • Removed Workshop maps from the map pool.
    Felt that the game isn't suited for lack of natural cover, so I have decided to remove the Workshop maps from the map pool

General Update

  • Added icon on top of coloured orbs to show the power-up type.
  • Now shows your input binding for using Power Up, instead of the button to press.
  • Switcheroo time no longer pauses at the intro.
  • Turned off Inspector Recording, for some reason it was switched on.
  • Added workshop settings for time between Switcheroo and Success rate. Imgur

New Power-Up

  • New Power Up: Avoid Switcheroo! Appears as Red orb.
  • When used, you are immune to getting targetted by Come Here Power-Up, and will not switch places in the next Switcheroo.
  • Effect lasts until the next global Switcheroo.

New maps

  • Added Workshop Island night mode.


  • Come Here will now respawn and despawn at the same time as all the other Power-Ups.
  • You will no longer see "Teleport Unstable..." message if you are dead.
  • For Workshop Island and Chamber, the Power-Up spawn position uses a different algorithm, so they do not spawn near the edge.
  • For all other maps, Power-Up spawn position range reduced from 30 blocks from any player to 20 blocks from any player.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that players can spawn with Come Here Power-Up.
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