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Based on Each player starts with a bubble. The size of the bubble can be increased by absorbing players with a smaller bubble, or eating food (green) randomly spawning around the map. A player wins if the size of the bubble reaches a certain threshold (default: 30).


  • Every player starts with a small bubble. You can increase the size of the bubble by collecting food (green) or hooking other players.
  • Hooking players that are larger than you sets your size the same.
  • Besides hooking, you can also kill people by absorbing them with your bubble - as long as your bubble is larger than theirs.
  • Blue bubbles give immunity to absorption, but do not protect against hooks. It also makes it so others can walk into them.
  • You can gain a temporary blue bubble by collecting power ups (blue) and using your "Take a breather"-ability. Use it to take out larger bubbles.
  • If a bubble reaches critical size (i.e. is far ahead of all other players) it slowly loses size and also makes it so no food can be collected anymore. Furthermore, the power of food is increased for everyone.
  • You win by reaching a certain size (default: 30).

Description UI

  • Score: your current size.
  • Fast: current speed (the larger the bubble, the slower, down to a minimum)
  • Power-ups: current size increase per food collected.
Categories: Free for all
Heroes: Roadhog
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Current version: 1.0.0



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