Aimbot vs. Peasants by DeveloperX19#2700

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In this boss fight, 10 normal people have to fight 1 person who has various "hacks" and a lot of HP.
All of these "hacks" and the score needed for each team to win can be individually switched on/off of modified by the host player within the rule "SETUP GLOBALS" (first rule).

Ingame footage

The Cheats


  • The aimbot will lock onto enemies if they are within a certain lock angle(default: 10°)
  • The aimbot will ignore targets who can currently not be hit (eg. deflecting Genji, Reaper in his wraith form)
  • The aimbot will disconnect from a target if it can't be hit, is out of sight or leaves the game
  • While holding the interact key, the aimbot will be suppressed


  • Enemies who are out of sight are marked with a red arrow, a number showing their distance from you and an icon showing their played hero
  • Enemies who are within line of sight are marked with a yellow eye-icon

Show Target:

  • Whichever enemy is targetable and closest to the cursor will be marked with a blue indicator ("--[ TARGET]--")

(Passive) Healing:

  • constant 20 Healing / 0.75 seconds (~27 HP/s)

(Passive) Damage Buff:

  • 120% Damage dealt at all time
  • Hitscan with any projectile

Last Chance:

  • If turned on, whenever the cheater is about to die, he will get his HP restored and activate his "last chance"
  • In this state, none of the above cheats will work anymore, including the passive healing but not the damage buff
  • If the cheater reaches 0 HP in his last chance, he dies and gets his cheats back and the last chance is reset


By default, the cheater needs 100 kills to win and the peasants need 4 kills to win.

The peasants will not be able to damage each other, only the cheater. For them, the cheater is marked with a purple arrow, if in sight and on screen and with a purple skull, if dead. Whenever a peasant dies, all his teammates will hear a sound coming from the direction of their fallen ally.

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Players | 1 - 11
Categories: Miscellaneous
Heroes:, Junker Queen, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, and 29 more...
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Current version: 1.0.0

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