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Zombie Torb Infection by Rhinoninja#1268

Version 1.3

Survive the torbjorn infection! Survivors must defend themselves against the horde by sticking together, scavenging the map for perks, and killing the zombies that seek to infect them! I had a many year old preset of this type of gamemode made by a player named JPOnion, who had the idea of torb-zombies with a hammer trying to convert survivors. I liked the concept of the gamemode and decided to remaster it with more-modern workshop functionality.


Torbjorn is the zombie character, who will have access to powerful neutral game abilities such as a sprint and a jump. Survivors have access to all other characters, with a few having special characteristics to make them more viable, and a few receiving ability nerfs to make the game more balanced.

Survivors get one shot by torb's hammer, barring any perks or abilities that give invincibility. Additionally, torbjorn's hammer in general has hit registration issues, so that can be a factor as well. (Improving hit registration cannot be remedied this through workshop commands unfortunately).

Isolated survivors suffer from visual and auditory hallucinations

Currently disabled due to an ow2 bug that allows her to bypass damage modifications, therefore allowing her to kill other survivors.

Currently disabled, same reason as D.Va.

Ultimate is disabled as BOB can damage other survivors (ow2 bug).

Ultimate is disabled as it can damage other survivors.

Barrier blocks zombie attacks from the front, Hammer deals increased forward knockback, and charge gives invincibility.

Barrier blocks zombie attacks from the front, Flail deals increased forward knockback.

Take a Breather gives invincibility.

Stealth and Translocator have maximum time usages.

Has limited air time before he gets hacked.

Torbjorn's abilities and characteristics will be discussed later.


Some of the larger maps that are normally smaller because of the deathmatch gamemode are extended via blue ring teleporters. This allows for a large area of play which can mean crossing it as a survivor can be more dangerous...

Perks are ways for survivors to get a leg up on the zombies. Small spheres will be randomly scattered around the map, giving buffs when collected.

Survivors have access to one mod slot and one item slot for perks. Mod perks are more passive, and grant buffs such as increased damage or increased projectile speed. Item perks offer a more interactive benefit by essentially granting another ability. All mod perks and the barricade item have varying strengths.

There is only one slot for the mod perks, and one slot for the item perks, meaning you can only grab one of each. If you try to grab another perk while you already have one of that type, you will swap out the perks. You can see what perks you have by looking at the top right of your screen.

Damage Mod

Offers a passive damage boost to all weapons and abilities.

Killing Wind Mod

Offers a speed boost after killing a zombie.

Projectile Speed Mod

Offers increased projectile speed to all applicable weapons/abilities.

Extra Ammo Mod

Offers extra ammo for your weapon.
Does not work on the following heroes due to infinite ammo or ow2 bug:

Ability Cooldown Mod

Offers decreased ability cooldowns.

Does not work on the following heroes due to an ow2 bug:

Secondary Fire Abilities:

Ability 1:

Ability 2:

Knockback Bullets Mod

Applies a knockback effect to all primary and secondary fire. Its strength is relative to the damage of the shot, but also affected by the perk's strength itself (x1, x2, x3).

Barricade Item

By holding interact, a survivor with this perk can place down a barricade that prevents zombie movement. The barricades strength is how long it takes for zombies to destroy it. The barricade can be picked back up by holding interact near the placed barricade.

Zombies destroy the barricade by swinging their hammer at it, which decreases its strength. A damaged barricade will be slowly repaired automatically when picked up and is in the survivor's inventory.

A used barricade cannot be swapped out, you must pick the barricade back up to swap it out with another item perk.

Hammerproof Vest Item

Protects the survivor against one hammer attack before being destroyed.

Mutation Scanner Item

Gives the survivor holding this item knowledge of all active mutations on the field and the locations of nearby mutated zombies.

Zombie Torbjorns

Torbjorn is the zombie hero, whose only goal is to kill all the survivors and convert them into fellow zombies.


  • Torb has 125 default health
  • Torb moves at 110% of the default move speed
  • Torbs that die to non-critical damage alert nearby zombies in the form of a red exclamation point
  • After not taking damage after a couple of seconds, torbs passively regenerate health


Torb can hold ability 1 to run at a faster speed. A meter on the top left indicates how much sprint energy is left.

Super Jump

Torb can hold crouch to charge a super jump. Pressing jump after the charge allows torb to leap into the air to possibly catch unsuspecting survivors who don't look up.


Torb can hold ability 1 to create a checkpoint. When the player dies, they will respawn at the placed checkpoint, and the checkpoint will be consumed.

Self Destruct

Torb can hold the ultimate key to self destruct after a couple seconds. This can be useful if you want to purposefully respawn at a checkpoint.


When a torb dies, he has a chance to become mutated with powerful buffs. Everytime a torb respawns without a mutation, the chance for mutation grows.

All mutations (except Giant) have a colored aura that clues survivors into what the mutation is.

All mutations (except Giant and Speed Demon) gain extra 50 health as armor.

Speed Demon

  • Only gains 25 armor instead of the 50 like other mutations
  • Moves 60% faster than the default torb
  • Cannot sprint (he's already fast enough)


  • Has access to torb's ultimate, which does not kill directly, but roots survivors caught in it
  • Builds molten core very fast
  • After dying with a slinger mutation, the player's damage is temporarily disabled if a lava pool is still active


  • Occasionally goes (mostly) invisible, with torb becoming invisible, the mutation aura becoming smaller, and the aura only visible to nearby survivors
  • Taking damage removes invisibility


  • Has a hacking radius that applies the hacked debuff to nearby survivors.
  • Potent against survivors that rely on movement abilities to escape, or damage abilities to defend themselves


  • Has a radius that makes zombies immortal that stay inside of it. As long as the angel remains alive, all zombies inside it's radius will not die


  • Does not have a mutation aura
  • Instead is 3 times the size of a normal torb, which extends his melee range
  • Gains 450 extra health, takes 50% less knockback, has double the gravity
  • Cannot sprint (he's really big or something)
  • By pressing interact, a giant can "crawl" (shrink) to fit through small doorways
  • When crawling, the giant is extremely vulnerable (low hp and slow)
  • Press interact again to "stand up"
  • Deals heavy damage to barricades

Game Flow

Survival Period

For the first 4 minutes of the game, survivors take their time to scavenge the map for perks and survive against the growing zombie horde. One random survivor is selected to begin the infection at the start of the survival period. This initial zombie has an increased base chance of a mutation to counteract the low zombie numbers.

Evacuation Period

At the end of the survival period, an evacuation zone will appear in one of the two places on the map, typically at either of the ends or on major objectives/landmarks. While atleast one survivor remains in the evacuation zone, the time remaining until successful evacuation decreases. However for increased chances of group survival it is recommended that the entirety of the remaining survivors hold the position.

John Survivor, a Soldier 76 bot, drops in to aid the survivors if the survivors are outnumbered by the zombies. John Survivor deals extra damage when there are far less survivors than zombies.

If the time successfully reaches 0, all survivors inside the circle evacuate and win. All survivors not in the circle at the end die to the infection. Additionally, a global infection timer (around 5 minutes) always counts down during this period, if this time reaches 0 all survivors will succumb to the infection.

The survivors win if they succesfully evacuate.
The zombies win if everyone in the lobby becomes a torb.

Players | 1 - 10
Categories: Free for all
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 32 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.3


Ability 1
(Torb) Sprint
Ability 2
(Torb) Create Checkpoint
(Torb) Super Jump
(Torb) Self Destruct
(Survivor) Pick up perk
(Torb) Sprint
(Torb) Create Checkpoint
(Torb) Super Jump
(Torb) Self Destruct
(Survivor) Pick up perk
(Torb) Sprint
(Torb) Create Checkpoint
(Torb) Super Jump
(Torb) Self Destruct
(Survivor) Pick up perk
(Torb) Sprint
(Torb) Create Checkpoint
(Torb) Super Jump
(Torb) Self Destruct
(Survivor) Pick up perk
(Torb) Sprint
(Torb) Create Checkpoint
(Torb) Super Jump
(Torb) Self Destruct
(Survivor) Pick up perk

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