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Reworking Bastion is fun, isn't it?



Yes it is don't lie.

Let's get into it because Bastion has been at the bottom of Overwatch heroes since ironclad was broken.

Speaking of Ironclad, uh, I haven't changed it at all. Probably should, but I didn't.

Next, we have Configuration: Recon.

Basically Recon, actually recons?

Configuration: Recon

While in Configuration: Recon, Bastion has the ability to see all living players within 15 meters that are out of Bastion's line of sight. (Of course, in Workshop, I can't do player outlines, so you just see the name of the player and the hero they're playing.)

This lasts until Bastion becomes a different configuration.

Bastion's recon damage has been slightly increased (because i think it's fun. Bastion's damage is objectively fine.)

Configuration: Sentry

Configuration: Sentry is now on a fuel gauge. Bastion's fuel depletes at 20 fuel/second. Any crowd-control Bastion receives will cancel Configuration: Sentry (except for regular stuns and freeze). Once out of Configuration: Sentry, fuel will regenerate at 3 fuel/second. Bastion's dps during Configuration: Sentry is increased to 550 dps from 450 dps to compensate for the limited time and extra resource management. (Again, I did it because I think it's fun, Bastion's damage is objectively fine.)

Speaking of resource management:

Self Repair

Self Repair's maximum time and recharge rate have been reduced by 10%. (This is mostly because I buffed literally everything else in his kit.)

Configuration: Tank

I like tank as an ultimate. You know what I like more? Bastion having the ability to transcend space and time with a single rocket jump. : )

(In short, knockback increased by 50%, movement speed increased from 5.5 to 6 m/s (Tracer/Genji speed, duration increased to 10 seconds from 8 seconds.)


beschun parkour

beschun parkour

beschun parkour

beschun parkour

beschun parkour

beschun parkour

beschun parkour

beschun parkour

Hope you enjoy? I guess?

(Credit to https://www.reddit.com/user/delettebrigitte for the 'rollouts'.)

Bug Fixes:

Added a 1 second cooldown to Reconfigure to prevent a bug where Bastion's form would not align with the variable assigned to it.

Bastion's fuel now refills when a new round starts.

Bastion will no longer stay in the Configuration: Sentry mode while dead.

(Not really a bug fix but) When Bastion's recon vision is being used, all victims have a "Revealed" message on their screen.

Bastion's fuel resets upon death.

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