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DISCONTINUED - Murder Mystery 2 OUT NONW!!!

As an ex- Garry's Mod fanatic, I was so excited when Overwatch announced the Workshop! It meant I could play Murder Mystery on my new favorite game- Overwatch. I was ecstatic to see somebody already released their own Murder Mystery gamemode(which is SUPER fun) however, it didn't stay true to the Murder Mystery I remembered from Garry's Mod. Therefore, I took it upon myself to release my own Murder Mystery gamemode.

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Official Trailer

Basic Gamemode Explanation
- Gamemode requires 3 players to begin
- Up to 2 Murderers and 2 Leader(Sheriff) are selected randomly while the rest are innocents
- If there is 10 or more players, 2 murderers and Sheriffs will spawn
- Murderer must kill all innocents and the Sheriff to win
- Sheriff must kill the Murderer in order for the innocents to win
- All McCrees are INNOCENT(they have a gun!)(and no you cannot choose to play McCree)
- All maps are compatible

Given the 3 roles, it is important to know the job as each one.

### Playing As: Innocent
- Cannot kill without gun
- Can collect clues
- Can pickup guns
- Survive and look out for the murderer!

### Playing As: Sheriff(Leader)
- Designated job is to kill the Murderer
- Spawns as McCree
- Has a gun
- Can collect clues
- Only has 6 shots(at top of the screen)
- Cannot melee

### Playing As: Murderer
- Designated job is to kill all innocents and Sheriff
- Can melee to kill
- Can collect clues
- Don't get caught!


There are two different items in this gamemode

### Item: Gun(blue sphere)
- A gun will drop when a person who has a gun dies
- Appears as a blue sphere
- To pick up this gun, walk over it(Innocents and Sheriffs only)!
- As an innocent, you will receive a gun
- Already owning a gun will result in the addition of the ammo from the gun on the floor
- Ammo is displayed at the top of the screen(Eliminations: 6/6)
- Killing an innocent or sheriff will result in a loss of all ammo

### Item: Clues/Credits(green sphere)
- Number of clues collected displayed in top left corner of screen
- Spawns in a random location
- Only respawns if picked up
- Sparkly sound will play where the Clue is every 5 seconds
- Walk over it to pick it up


Collecting clues/credits result in different outcomes based on the role.
- Innocent: 5 clues results in a gun
- Gun Owner: 1 clue results in 2 ammo
- Murderer: 5 clues results in one use of the cloak ability(See Below)


Whether it be an invisibility cloak or sprint, everyone has an ability!

### Sprint(Everyone): Secondary Fire
- At the top right of your screen, stamina is displayed
- Holding secondary fire will deplete your stamina over 7 seconds of sprint
- Does not require full stamina to be activated
- Takes 4 seconds to regenerate fully from 0

### Cloak(Murderer): Primary Fire
- Requires 5 clues to be activated
- At the top left of your screen, you will be notified the ability is available
- Grants 15 seconds of invisibility while active(timer in the top left)
- Activates by primary fire
- Adds 75% movement speed
- Murdering will remove cloak
- Footsteps are heard
- 1 time use


Thats All!
I hope you enjoy this gamemode as much as I do!
Join my discord and report any bugs/make requests. I publish my other gamemodes there as well.
Have Fun! - halseyislife on PSN

S.O. to Deltin, it was made using their editor.

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