Cod Zombies Paris!


Description: Talon is attempting to take over Paris! Stop them! With a maximum of 6 players, try to survive all 25 rounds through the attacks! Get kills and healing to obtain points! With these points, purchase locations, better heroes, or upgrades! Will you be able to live through the relentless onslaught? Again, all of the credit goes to Pug for the original gamemode and features written below, he made this all possible!

Gameplay: Try to get as many headshots as you can, since it will give you more points. Moira bodyshot = 100 points, Moira headshot = 200 points, Reaper bodyshot = 200 points, and Reaper headshot = 300 points. As mentioned above, with points you can get new heroes, areas of the map, and upgrades for healing dealt, health, and damage. In addition, if any one of your teammates dies, you can revive them by standing in the yellow circle where they died. After each round, all dead teammates are resurrected.

Enemies: Zombies can scale in strength, speed, and health depending on the amount of players and the round number. When these zombies are killed, they have a chance to drop powerups such as extra points, damage, speed, and more.

Challenge Rounds: Challenge Rounds or "Adrenaline Rounds" occur every 5th round. In these, enemies will gain their ultimate extremely quickly, to make these rounds simply, challenging!

Map Secrets: At the second point, you will be able to activate "Power" by buying the location for it and pressing interact on the effect which says "Connect Power". This will place a switch in a random place in the map to activate the teleporter, and once you find the switch, the teleporter will activate to allow you to enter the secret room. The secret room contains upgrades such as damage, life, and healing dealt as mentioned above.

Paris version of this gamemode by r3ktbyeasyzeke on Xbox or Draco on PC, and again, please give immense credit to Pug for making the original script!

Categories | Survival
Heroes | All
Maps | Paris
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 1.0.3


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The concept is nice, but being too easy.

Major Problem, by manually increasing the difficulty so strategy is actually needed (for example healers + tanks) Healers have no way of getting points while healing (Mercy for example), you only get points by reviving


Hey, I really enjoy this map. Probably my fav zombies workshop out here. However I was wondering if you plan on adding any updates to this? Was also wondering if you would add features that work well in other zombies? Such as higher rounds, mystery box, perk machines, adding more upgrades like your einchenwalde map. Also are you doing any more maps in the future?

Zeke creator

I will be adding more updates in the future to this map like the features you suggested, they just may not be too frequent and it would be a while from now. To answer your second question though, I do plan on creating more maps for the zombies gamemode, and that should be coming soon!


Thats awesome! I cant wait ! Keep doing what you’re doing :)


Hey Zekes
This is my first time in the Workshop and i tested your lvl but
i want to increase the damage of the bots, can I do it myself? Or isn't that possible, i didn't find anything.

greetings Whalaan

Zeke creator

Thanks for commenting. If you would like to change the damage of the bots, you can always go to the normal in-game settings and change their damage that way, since it would be the most simple. You can do that by going to heroes and changing Moira and Reaper's damage for only team 2 respectively. Hope this helped!

Update Log (7)

  • Disabled inspector recording to even further optimize the game for 6 players and lessen the chance of a crash happening.
  • Damage of zombies nerfed

  • Moira 40% --> 30% Reaper 30% --> 25%

  • Moira healing removed to reduce risk of crashing.

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