1v1 Meta Arena ⚔️

Build your own hero and play the meta you prefer in a 1v1 setting, choose from 27648 different combinations: setup your own pull+hook combos or play goats controlling all the important cooldowns and abilities yourself. This mode works on all control maps, but most of the testing and tinkering was done in Nepal. If you have over 100 ping the movement abilities will give you an extra unintended movement at the end.

Join the discord and give feedback: https://discord.gg/DMvpEy3


  1. Select your hero
  2. Press Interact to open the menu (works only in spawn)
  3. Click on the abilities, secondary fire and ultimate you want your hero to have and then click the Confirm button
  4. Round will start after both players have built their hero and clicked the Confirm button
  5. You are free to make changes to your hero and/or abilities afterwards

menu The menu is based on Josbird's Cursor Menu which you can find here.


I want to encourage players to change their hero and/or abilities when in spawn to counter what your opponent has selected if the matchup feels hard. You will only lose ultimate charge if you change your ultimate ability. There are some extremely hard matchups and ability+hero combinations which can all be beaten by selecting good counters, the hero and ability selection is designed in a way where counterplay is always possible.

Hero and ability descriptions:

All of the heroes have 400hp except for Reinhardt (500hp) and to balance the ultimates you will start at a certain ultimate charge depending on the strenght of the ultimate, some of the ability cooldowns and effects have also been modified a bit. You can find everything that has been modified from the tables at the end. Here are some cool combinations you could try: Goats, Dive and Hook combo examples:

For latest updates and my other workshop modes follow me on twitter: Seita_ow
Special thanks to Andy for the trailer, give him a follow on twitter if you like cool workshop stuff.
Also thanks to Josbird for helping me to modify the menu to my needs and everyone who helped in testing from the elohell discord and from my own discord.

Heroes: Modifiers:
Sigma Damage dealt: 125%
Reinhardt Damage dealt: 115%, Speed 125%
Reaper Healing Dealt: 20% (Reaping only)
Pharah Hover Jets Recharge rate: 50%
Baptiste Damage dealt: 95%
Ultimate: Free ultimate charge and description:
Zenyatta Transcendence 0
Zarya Graviton Surge 0
Hanzo Dragonstrike 35 – Dragon starts sooner than normally
Doomfist Meteor Strike 30 – Point to click: works like an "airstrike" you don't transform into Doomfist
Tracer Pulse Bomb 25 – Ranged Pulse Bomb (no gravity and faster projectile)
Ashe B.O.B. 15
Orisa Supercharger 20 – 400 HP
Wrecking Ball Minefield 45
Ability 1: Cooldown and description:
Roadhog Chain Hook Cooldown 10 seconds
D.Va Boosters Cooldown 7 seconds
Genji Dash Cooldown 6 seconds
Hanzo Sonic Arrow Cooldown 6 seconds
Pharah Jump Jet Cooldown 7 seconds – 20% Stronger acceleration
Ana Sleep Dart Cooldown 10 seconds
Mei Cryo-Freeze Cooldown 12 seconds – Total healing: 200
Baptiste Regenerative Burst Cooldown 13 seconds – Total healing: 200
Ability 2: Cooldown and description:
Ana Biotic Grenade Cooldown 10 seconds
Orisa Barrier Cooldown 10 seconds – 200 HP Shield
Zarya Barrier Cooldown 8 seconds
Symmetra Teleport Cooldown 1 second – Teleport HP: 600
Soldier: 76 Biotic Field Cooldown 12 seconds – Total healing: 200
Pharah Concussive Blast Cooldown 4 seconds – 25% Stronger knockback
Doomfist Seismic Slam Cooldown 6 seconds
Sigma Accretion Cooldown 5 seconds
Secondary: Cooldown and description:
Orisa Halt! Cooldown 10 seconds
Echo Sticky Mines Cooldown 10 seconds
Roadhog Scrap Gun Cooldown 1 second
D.Va Defensive Matrix Cooldown 7 seconds – Duration 1.3 seconds
Soldier: 76 Helix Rockets Cooldown 6 seconds
Sigma Experimental Barrier Cooldown 8 seconds – Duration 7 seconds – 140 HP Shield infront of you (holding doesn't move shield)
Categories: 1vs1, Hero Adjustments
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 18 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.1.0

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