Hog-Wars (Stitches Pull Party HOTS Brawl)

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Hog Wars

This is a recreation of the Heroes of the Storm Brawl, Stitches Pull Party. Here is some YouTube footage (not mine) of the original mode it is based on.

Pull Party Gameplay Footage

In-Game Mode Description

Two teams of six hogs face off across a "water" barrier separating the map. Hook someone across and melee them with your team. Teamwork counts! Combo-hook someone while they are already hooked by a player to instantly kill them. Bring your friends on the other side back to safety! Friendly fire is "enabled" and you can hook your teammates back to your side! If you can't save them you can combo-hook and deny the opposing team the kill for 0 points.

This was a passion project and took about 3 weeks to get to a releasable build. Actual in-game screenshots, videos, and info to come


  • 2 'teams' of 6 (burning VS non-burning hogs) complete with separate spawn locations
  • Player joins & team-balancing after game has started
  • "pool" barrier separates the map
  • hooking a player temporarily freezes them, allows them to cross over the water barrier, and opens them up to getting combo-hooked
  • "Friendly fire" allows you to combo-hook/melee your teammates and deny kills
  • First team to 25 kills wins
  • Crazy death rag-doll physics (Send your opponents flying)
  • First Map: Nepal Shrine

Planned Features for Future Releases

  • New maps
  • Balance Updates
  • Bug squashing

This is currently a beta build that has been moderately tested.
I plan on supporting this with balance updates and new features for the near future.

Categories: Miscellaneous
Heroes: Roadhog
Maps: Nepal
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 0.2.0

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