[Boss Battle] D.Va / Sigma 9v1 Lockout Team Deathmatch

9 vs. 1
Lockout Team Deathmatch Boss Battle, featuring D.Va and Sigma as bosses.

Each character has been individually rebalanced for this game mode, and when they’re eliminated, they cannot be chosen for the rest of the game, except when resurrected by Mercy, (Limit 3, cannot resurrect the same character more than once).

No abilities or heroes have been disabled.

AI is not available for this game mode. All slots must be occupied by players.

How is this balanced?
I know. Sigma can’t fly and has a barrier and D.Va can re-mech, etc. This has all been addressed:


  • D.Va’s boosters are on a 3-second cooldown.

  • D.Va can only use call-mech once per life - meaning she can only build a maximum of 2 self-destructs, and use no more than 2 mechs per life.

  • D.Va has 3,000 total HP, and 85% damage resistance, meaning she only takes 15% damage. Armor gives her an additional 50% damage resistance buff…

  • D.Va has a new passive ability: Overheating Reactor - If D.Va’s portrait is on fire, and health below 50%, the mech will erupt into flames dealing damage to herself and nearby enemies. Using boosters can help cool the mech a bit, but if your portrait remains on fire, it can kill the mech.

About Overheating Reactor:
You can see it in the video, (it kills Genji and Hammond) but as it’s a year old, it activated regardless of mech health back then. It exists to keep D.Va players on their toes. If you’re playing well enough to be on fire, you better keep playing that way, or lose your mech.


  • Like D.Va, Sigma has 3000 HP, (2400 HP, 600(?) Shields) [It totals 3,000]

  • Kinetic grasp is not only on a 5-second cooldown, but also costs 100HP (It can kill Sigma)

  • While using Kinetic Grasp, Sigma’s damage resistance is halved. (Meaning he takes double damage)

  • Over health unlocks Sigma’s new passive, “Kinetic Defense,” giving him an additional 60% damage resistance buff.

  • Using Kinetic Grasp is very much required, as Sigma takes 20% damage, (as opposed to D.Va’s 15%). Proper usage of Kinetic Grasp will make him durable, but improper usage will easily kill him.

Please note that in the video, Kinetic Grasp wasn’t on a cooldown, but instead cost 250 HP to use.

To further balance out these two bosses, a new scoring system has been created for this game-mode.

Normally, when D.Va, or Sigma are eliminated, 5 points are awarded to the team of players. Environmental eliminations, however, will only award 2 points. Additionally, mech deaths also award 2 points, meaning that D.Va can potentially award 7 points, while you will never score more than 5 against Sigma.

Matchpoint must be by elimination, so in some cases, a mech death will only reward 1, or 0 points. Additionally, if D.Va uses self-destruct after a mech death, whatever points that were rewarded will be refunded.

Win Condition:
Team 1: 12
Team 2 (Boss): 20

(Draws are determined by percentage to match point; 10 to 10 = Team 1 victory. 6 to 10 = Draw, 6 to 11 = Team 2 victory.

The custom scoring system has been thoroughly tested over the past year and functions 100% as intended. If something doesn’t seem right, please refer to this post again. There are some times when you’re knocked off the map and the game flags it as a suicide, but that honestly can’t be helped.

Scoring is set up in a way to promote playing as Sigma, while not being too punishing for D.Va. (She most often rewards 7 points, but there are ways to get it down to 5, (or 2, if you don't resist an enviornmental elimination, which depending on the situation can be beneficial.)

Don't suicide!
*Eliminations of any kind will reward points to the other team.
A boss suiciding off the map will award 5 points, with an additional 2 points for D.Va if she is in her mech.

As for the other heroes, due to the staggering amount of balance changes, I cannot list every character change here, (as it’s also going to change with each of the game’s balance patches.)

However, I can give generalizations:

  • Tanks Obviously tanky, and for making space - not so great with the damage, with the exception of Roadhog, and will give high amounts of ult charge to the Boss.

  • Healers Self-healing abilities are prioritized, and characters with healing abilities receive less healing from other characters. Also gives high amounts of ult charge, with the exception of Ana. Every Healer as well as some dps spawn with their Ultimate fully charged.

  • DPS Gives very little ult charge, with the exception of Mei, Pharah, Sombra.

The game will start in practice mode until there are enough players to start the game (6 players total). Simply reset the game with 6 or more players, and the game will function normally.

If the number of players drops below 6, before 30 seconds have passed, (or whatever I set it to) the game will go back into practice mode again. Just reset the game again when you have enough players.

Finally, this boss fight game mode has been a several-year project. If you're interested, here's how it's existed over the years (the most up to date version isn't featured in either of these two videos).

Please enjoy.

Players | 1 - 10
Heroes:, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 103021.1


<6 players
Practice Mode enabled
>5 players
Game will start normally (May require a reset).
<6 players
Practice Mode enabled
>5 players
Game will start normally (May require a reset).
<6 players
Practice Mode enabled
>5 players
Game will start normally (May require a reset).
<6 players
Practice Mode enabled
>5 players
Game will start normally (May require a reset).
<6 players
Practice Mode enabled
>5 players
Game will start normally (May require a reset).



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