More Chaos, This Reinkart is an upgraded vesion of the orginal.

Added item boxes

Item boxes give players a random item, Items include

JUMP BOOST - gives the player a large jump

FREEZE WAVE - freezes enemies in a circle around you

SHOCK BALL - Throws a projectile that stuns in an area when it hits an player or wall

FLAME BOMB - a bomb that denotates after 3 seconds

GHOST - turns the player invisible for a short time

STAR - makes player immune to damage for a short time


When you kill an enemy you get faster.

However be careful, On fire enemies give more points for takedowns.

Yellow streaks give 1 extra point

Orange streaks give 3 extra points

Blue Streaks give 5 extra points

Purple streaks give a whooping 10 extra points

Categories | Free for all
Heroes | Reinhardt
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Version | 1.1.1
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