More Chaos, This Reinkart is an upgraded vesion of the orginal.

Added item boxes

Item boxes give players a random item, Items include

JUMP BOOST - gives the player a large jump

FREEZE WAVE - freezes enemies in a circle around you

SHOCK BALL - Throws a projectile that stuns in an area when it hits an player or wall

FLAME BOMB - a bomb that denotates after 3 seconds

GHOST - turns the player invisible for a short time

STAR - makes player immune to damage for a short time


When you kill an enemy you get faster.

However be careful, On fire enemies give more points for takedowns.

Yellow streaks give 1 extra point

Orange streaks give 3 extra points

Blue Streaks give 5 extra points

Purple streaks give a whooping 10 extra points

Categories | Free for all
Heroes | Reinhardt
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Current version | 1.1.1


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Update Log (5)

1.1.1 update

New Item

Shock ball, this is a projectile that explodes when it hits a wall or a player. it stuns players within 10 meters of impact for 2 seconds

Item rate Adjustment

Flame bombs and ghost pick ups now have a slightly lower chance to occur.

Other Changes

Players now hear a sound effect when using their item

1.1.0 update


This is a rework update for all of the hud text and persistant effects are displayed, although there is no real visual difference, the changes made should make hud text and effects more consistant and avoid buggy behevour.

Instead of creating and destroying text huds, text huds are now hidden with certain conditions being used to make them visible to the player. This has fixed the bug where two hud texts could spawn at the same time for the player. this should allow for a better user experince and better performance

Item changes

Flame Bomb

Players no longer get hurt by their own bombs!

The bomb countdown is now counts in integers


Changed active name to STAR POWER

adjusted Star power effects, more sparkles!


Bonus points now shown as small message instead of text, added new hud text that shows when an item is in use, e.g. bomb, star, any item that has a lasting effect


Bug testing features

Added dummy bot to test interactions when host cannot find players

Freeze Wave Optimization

Freeze Wave is now more consistant with its interacts, it no longer gives the player using it a brief phaze effect


Updates to the item hud text to make it display the correct item more consistantly and avoid duplication of item boxes.

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