Yes, it's actually baseball in Overwatch! Play real baseball on a field loosely modeled on Fenway Park! Balls and strikes are called automatically (distasteful, but it is a computer game...). Other rules are handled as on the sandlot (but more automatic rule enforcement may come later).

Effect trails show the path of the ball when pitched and hit, as well as where the ball enters the strike zone and where the bat makes contact.


  • As Zenyatta, pitch the ball at different speeds and angles by holding Primary Fire to charge a pitch, aiming, and releasing the button to throw.
  • To throw breaking balls, move the crosshair as the ball is released, applying spin.


  • As Reinhardt, bat by standing in the batter's box, turning sideways, and pressing Primary Fire at the right time.
  • Hit the ball in different directions by timing your swing and turning your body.
  • Hit the ball higher or lower by swinging above or below the ball.

Fielding and Throwing

  • As a fielder, pick up or catch the ball by holding Secondary Fire to reach with your glove and placing the ball within it.
  • To throw, like pitching, hold Primary Fire to charge a throw, aim, and release to throw.

Batting Practice (host player)

  • To use the pitching machine, press Interact + Primary Fire to initiate an automatic pitch.

Other host controls

  • Reset the ball to the rubber by pressing Interact + Crouch (useful to return the ball to the pitcher).

Teams and Spectators

  • Join a team by walking into its team-colored on-deck circle.
  • Join the crowd by walking into the white circle behind home plate--then you can fly to the best seat in the house!
Players | 1 - 11
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