Mei's Snowball Offensive Training + Tips!

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I whipped up this workshop mode so that I could explore how Mei's Snowball Offensive really works, which meant no cooldowns, infinite ults, respawning, and toggleable invincibility. It helped me to figure some things out, which I later wrote down and included as tips that the player can read in spawn! Very useful for quickly getting a handle on the mode and experimenting without getting punished for mistakes like you would in a game.


  • Press melee to toggle the no cooldowns/infinite ults mode. I figured toggling this is better than having it on all the time by default so that you can still get a sense of timing if you'd like.
  • Press interact to toggle invincibility while you're alive, and doing so will also resurrect you on the spot if you press it while you're dead.
  • Press crouch in spawn to start reading through tips in a fairly simple format. Left click to go to the next tip, right click to go back one. I hope you find these useful!

If you don't want to go into the game mode just for those tips, here they are!

  1. You do not have to look at a snow pile to reload, and looking away doesn't stop you from reloading. All that matters for reloading is how closely you're standing to the snow.
  2. If two players are reloading from the same snow pile and one starts earlier, the one who starts late will not get any ammo. So if you show up late, stop reloading and use a different strategy. However, if two start reloading at the same time, they will both get ammo. When this happens, you can cryo-freeze to bait out the enemy's shot, try and beat them to the punch, or try something else.
  3. You can interrupt reloading enemies by covering their snow with either cryo-freeze or ice wall. By catching them off-guard with it, you can steal the reload from them and turn a 1v1 around.
  4. If you hold down the button you use to shoot (left click for most) while reloading, you'll fire as soon as you can.
  5. Snow piles regenerate after ~3 seconds although there's some randomness to it, they're always in the same area. (more tips in game; reached character limit for this post)
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