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Quake Duel

This mode is a byproduct of a larger project I'm working on.

Here you play 1v1 or 2v2, in a Quake-style team deathmatch mode.
(The mode should work with any number of players, but because of the map size I believe it would be best with no more than 4 players)

Score to win changes depending on the number of players.

Currently, only Lijiang Tower - Control Center is supported

The mode this was created from has even more features. But it also has some stability issues and is therefore not released yet.
If you wish to try it anyways the code is: ZQNHR

I will post the main mode once the stability issues have been fixed.

Change between 5 different weapons

  • Gauntlet (Doomfist) - Keybinding: Crouch

    Melee only, 125 damage.

    Good for finishing targets getting too close or humiliating your enemies

  • Machine Gun (Soldier 76) - Keybinding: Ability 1

    Medium/Long range, 9 bullets per second, 10 damage per bullet, no critical hits

    Decent at most ranges, it excels at finishing low hp targets trying to escape

  • Lightning Gun (Zarya) - Keybinding: Interact

    Short/Medium range, 120dps, knockback.

    Short range, high dps, the knockback can be used to hold people in the air

  • Rocket Launcher (Pharah) - Keybinding: Ability 2

    0.8-Second fire rate, auto fire, 80 damage, custom knockback (rocket jumping)

    High damage in AOE, but travel time makes it more unreliable, use the custom knockback to propel yourself around the map, or knock enemies in the air to combo

  • Railgun (Ashe) - Keybinding: Ultimate

    1.35-Second fire rate, no auto fire, 80 damage.

    Slow rate of fire, but high burst damage, extremely precise even at long ranges

Switching weapons (heroes) will conserve your momentum and keep track of your health.
There's a 1-second cooldown on weapon switching.

Custom Health Packs

Small Health Packs heal for 30 and big ones heal for 100.

Jump Pads

Custom Jump pads to help you get to high ground.
But be careful, they will lock you in your path for a while.


There's also a simple teleporter you can use to teleport to high ground

Bunny Jumping

Whenever you jump, your speed will increase, the rate will slow down until it reaches a cap.
To keep gaining speed, you have 0.12 seconds by the time you land until you have to jump again.
If you fail to jump in time, your speed will reset over the duration of 0.3 seconds.
Jumping again before the speed has been fully reset will allow you to keep some of the speed you had.
If you lose too much speed, by turning 180° to fast, or by hitting a wall, you risk losing your build up movement speed.

Extra Notes

The custom rocket knockback is not 100% reliable, as it's using a raycast system instead of projectile positions to handle the knockback direction.
I will fix it when we get access to default projectile positions.

Since most of these systems were copied from a mode with more features, there may be some unused variables in some actions.
These are left in the code as it will make it easier to add new features in the future.

If you have feedback or find bugs or possible fixes to bugs, please contact me on discord: BuyBoomStick#3801

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Players | 1 - 12
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