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Practice walljumping on Wrecking Ball with this practice mode made for Overwatch content creator Yeatle! For those unfamiliar with walljumping, walljumps are a technique utilized by Wrecking Ball players to gain extra height when jumping by bumping into a wall with the right timing.


  • Three different difficulty wall-jumps for all skill levels from beginner to expert
  • Successful walljump streaks which reward players for improving their consistency
  • Multiplayer support - show off your longest streak to everyone else in the lobby via the scoreboard


This post utilizes other codes either in part or in full. This could be because they remixed them, used parts of them, were inspired by them, or other reasons.

Players | 1 - 11
Categories: Practice Mode
Heroes: Wrecking Ball
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0



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