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Welcome to Wrecking Ball Jump! This simple game is very straightforward! All you have to do is jump over obstacles! The objective of this game is to survive!

The main obstacle of the game is the Bolder. The "bolder" is a wrecking ball that can be on fire or shielded. If the bolder is on fire, it can jump at any time. If the Bolder is shielded or using ability 1, the Bolder will go back and forth until the shield turns off.


  1. The Chain () will move back and forth while trying to hook you! Roadhog can use its breather to move faster.

  2. The Rammer () will try to ram you at fast speeds! The Orisa can also mess you up by ramming at the exact time you land on the ground!

  3. Excited guy () will move back and forth, humming his favorite song!

Note: If you have a good name for the game, please share the name!

What is this game based on?

This game is based on Nintendo's Super Mario Party, Getting Over It!

Can you click to jump?

Yes, you can! I made sure this has support for PC players and console players!

Why is there an insert name?

When you see a "[insert name]," that means it needs a name! You can comment on what you think the thing's name should be!



  1. Crouch - Slide


  1. Sigma

  2. Torbjorn

  3. Soldier 76

  4. Baptiste


  1. The death messages were NOT intended to offend ANYONE.
Players | 1 - 11
Categories: Minigames
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: Beta 1


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