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Headhunter is a FFA gametype where you must collect the skulls of your enemies and return them to a deposit zone.
It is a reproduction of the gametype from Halo: Reach with the same name.


Name: Headhunter

Current code: K9VJK

Latest Stable version : 1.0.0 (K9VJK)

Unstable testable version: -


  • Free for all
  • Time : 10 minutes max.
  • Map: Château Guillard
  • 8 players max
  • First player to 25 points wins
  • If a player scores 10 points at the same time, he wins instantly.



A skull
A "skull"

  • When a player dies, he drops an orb (aka. "skull")
  • Any player can pick up the skull (including the original owner, if he's fast enough)
  • A player can stack up to 10 skulls at the same time.
  • If a player dies while carrying skulls, he drops all of them plus his own
    • Example: Hanzo is carrying 5 skulls. When he dies, he will drop 6 skulls


A deposit zone
A deposit zone

  • At any point during the match, there are two active deposit zones.
  • Those zones are randomly chosen every 30 seconds.
  • If a player enters a zone while carrying skulls, he will score this amount.
    • Example: Ana is carrying 5 skulls. When she enters the zone, she scores 5 points.
  • After the deposit, you no longer carry any skull.


  • When a player does a final blow, he gets a passive healing for 4 seconds. The total healing amount depends on the character's health pool.


  • You can see the amount of skulls a player is carrying on the number over their head
  • You can see the amount of skulls you are carrying with the UI element on top of your screen
  • If a player carries 10 skulls (i.e. can win instantly if he deposits), every other player can see him wherever he is thanks to an icon over his head
  • You can see the placement of the deposit zones as well as the time remaining before they move.

Known Issues

  • Sometimes, the orb that a player drops is too high up in the air (happens on tall characters). You may have to jump to catch it.
  • Sometimes, the orb that a player drops is not where it should be. This often happens in underground tunnels where the orb appears on the top level.

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