CS:GO 1.5.1 by RazeForce14#2966

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Code if you cba to read: K8S7D

5v5 Tactical combat, with two bomb sites and a shop system to buy guns and equipment. Jump into this port of classic CS into Overwatch!

New version of CS:GO mod for OW, based on the one OLSTAR made. I’ve updated it with 3 extra maps it can cycle between, Jump pads, 8 guns, 4 items & a new coat of paint. It seems to get a lot of players quickly when ever I open it. (I call it CSGO 1.5.1), I made 1.2 - 1.5.1 but didnt generate a code until now. I am not working on it anymore, im on holiday rnow and i’ve spent 3 days on it, i refuse to code any more xD. The original version had around 60-70 lines of code, I have made that more like 130 - 140.

Kings Row
Temple of anubis

GLOCK 17 - Mercy
TEC9 - Dva
Desert Eagle - Mccree
FAMAS - Baptiste
M4A4 - Soldier 76
Scout - Ashe
AWP - Widow
Sawed off - Torbjorn
M249 - Orisa
Smoke grenade
Frag Grenade
Riot Shield - Brigette

Shift - Slow walk
F - Ping
E - Equip grenade (if bought)
Crtl + E - Deploy smoke grenade
Q - Plant bomb
Q - Defuse bomb


Use the voice lines during the first 30 seconds of each round in your spawn to buy items. You can’t re-enter your spawn btw.
So when it says UP it means the top voice line spot, so LEFT is your left voice line slot. For Dva, Brigette & Baptiste hold Crouch whilst you do it.
Its not P2W you can equip the default vocie line to all 4 spots.


Top voice line slot = Scout
Left voice line slot = M4A4
Bottom voice line slot = AWP
Right voice line slot = Sawed off
Need healing = Desert Eagle
Ultimate status = M249
Crouch + UP = FAMAS
Crouch + RIGHT = TEC9

Crouch + LEFT = Riot Shield
Hello = Smoke grenade
Group up = Frag grenade
Thanks = Armor


World Models

The Blue orb in attacker spawn is the bomb, once picked up it will be purple.
Players with the purple orb around them have the bomb.
Purple rings are jump pads
The red and blue rings are the two bomb sites
Depending on the map the symbols representing the sites are either, Skulls, Lightning bolts or Radioactive symbols
If the bomb turns Red it is being planted/already is planted
If the bomb turns Yellow it means someone is defusing it (Hold Q)

Free for anyone to Play/Mod
If you do mod it please leave the rules that state the original creator and any other modders (including me).

Oh and there is a rule listing what every variable is doing (except a few that i cant remember what they do lol


Code: K8S7D :grinning:


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