24 Hooks 1 Hole (12 AI Hogs)


A remix of 12 Hogs 1 Hole by Scrumrot and Block; Includes the abilities you know and love!

Moves the action to Workshop Maps to allow for 12 deadly AI Rodhogs to be added!

The hole is fake, but you can really fall through it - plus there's server options to change the width and even make it move!

You can also turn off the AI pigs if you really want. I don't know you. Live your life.

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Update Log (3)

removed knockback on ult

fixed bug where players would get stuck flying if they died while ulting

removed green 'priority' effect from first person view

made the under-pit darker (ty Josbird)

removed player skins (may help prevent crashing when at full capacity with spectators)

nerfed claude

Added line break to prevent off-edge cheese in Island

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