Oversized v1.04

This game mode is played 5v5 with the regular arcade rule set but has an additional resource system called Energy and a different class system. This game mode also features shrinking and growing mechanics that are central to some of the classes. In addition all heroes have been reworked to fit their new class roles. Have fun exploring what they do and their crazy abilities!

Please send me a comment if you tried out the mode and let me know what you think :-)

Discord, for discussion and organizing lobbies can be found here:

HUD Overview

  1. Player energy. Shows how much energy you've accumulated. Also shows if conserving or donating energy which can be toggled with interact key (while outside of spawn room)
  2. Player marked target. Shows which player is your current mark. Only available for the hunter class.
  3. Hero information and Class information. Shows the mechanics of your currently selected hero and class. Can be toggled ON and OFF with interact key (while in spawn room).
  4. Hero specific HUD. Some heroes will have an additional HUD element, displaying important information.

Quick description

Giants OP.
Fulfill class role to get energy.
Donate energy to team giant.
Make team Giant moar OP.

Below is a detailed description for nerds.

The classes

The heroes are divided between 5 different classes. Giant, Anti Giant, Hunter, Shrinker and Support. Each team can have at most one giant, but may pick and choose freely among the other classes. The game mode is designed to provide incentive to create a team composition that includes one of each class but there are no restrictions other than the limit on Giants. Another noteworthy change is that the number of barriers in the game has been reduced and that only Giants may use barrier skills. Sources of healing has also been reduced and is mainly provided by Support heroes but some Shrinker heroes may also have access to limited off-healing.


  • Energy is a resource all players can gather, but each class have different mechanics for doing so.
  • Energy is used for growth. Growth costs 1 energy per 1% size. Giants may grow up to 4 times normal size (400% size) if their energy allows it, while other classes, if shrunk, may use their energy to grow back to their original size.
  • Shrunken players regenerate 1% size per second at the cost of one energy automatically.
  • During active growth the growing player is rooted.
  • Non-giants may press interact to toggle donating or conserving energy.
  • Non-giants can donate energy to giants as long as they are not shrunken. Donating occurs when in close proximity to the giant.
  • Support players that donate energy also donate energy to nearby shrunk allies (that does not have enough energy to grow themselves back).
  • 25% of accumulated energy is lost when you die. If you die in a shrunken state the energy cost to grow back will be paid when spawning. Insufficient energy does not prevent spawning with 100% size.


Each team can have at most one Giant. This class plays like an overpowered and agressive tank. The objective is for each player to gather energy and donate it to their team's Giant. Doing so the Giant can use the energy to power up and become even bigger and more lethal. Giants starts at 125% size and can grow up to 400% size for a limited duration using energy.
Maximum energy is 400.

Stat increases per 100% additional size (e.g. @ 200% size, movement speed is 120%)

  • Movement speed: 20%
  • Jump speed: 30%
  • Damage reduction: 10%
  • Health: 50%
  • Damage dealt: 10%

Once a Giant has grown oversized it may trample enemies that are less than half their size by walking close to them. The damage dealt is based on the size difference. If the size difference is greater than 4 the trampled will be knocked down.

Anti Giants

Deployed to keep the enemy giants in check. They possess multiple abilities that pose a great threat to giants and know how to attack their weak points. They are on the other hand weaker versus all other classes.

  • Ignores the intrinsic giant damage reduction, but deals reduced damage to non-giants.
  • Gains energy by dealing damage. Damage against giants award more energy.
  • Have offensive and/or defensive abilities that only triggers when interacting with giants.
  • Maximum energy is 100.


The hunter is all about bringing the damage and securing kills. A successful hunter will bring in a lot of energy to their team by going after their marked targets as they gain bonus energy and have more efficient attacks against them. As a giant never can be chosen as the marked target a hunter is incentivised to prioritize their mark over shooting giants.

  • A random non-giant enemy is selected as the marked target (a.k.a. Mark).
  • Attacks against the marked target is enhanced based on the unique flavour of the hero.
  • Hunters get 15 energy from killing blows (5 energy from elimination credit).
  • Dealing the killing blow on the marked target award 40 energy (10 bonus energy on elimination credit).
  • Maximum energy is 100.

Hunter duels

  • A duel between opposing hunters will ensue when they have each other as targets. Winning the duel will award full energy and 25% ultimate charge. The losing hunter will lose all energy and 25% ultimate charge. A hunter duel will always happen when a hunter that is marked by another hunter kills his target.


The Shrinkers have abilities that weaken the enemy team by shrinking their non-giant players or draining/leeching their energy (effectively reducing the speed at which they gather energy to their team's giant). Shrinking a player will force it to choose between fighting in a smaller state with reduced power or find an opportunity to burn its hard earned energy to grow back to size. If a shrunken player is killed the cost of growing back will be withdrawn before respawning, which means no energy will be saved if the player choose not to grow back. Insufficient energy will not prevent respawning at full size.

  • Gains energy from shrinking players.
  • Gains energy from eliminating shrunk players.
  • Maximum energy is 125.

Critical Trample
A player that has been shrunk to 25% size or less may be trampled by any full sized enemy hero and receive critical damage. The damage is based on player size.


The backbone of the team. Supports through healing and/or buffing team members. Are often in one way or the other able to grow shrunken members back to size.

  • Provides healing and buffs.
  • Can donate energy to shrunk players.
  • Gains energy from healing.
  • Has quicker and more cost effective regrowth.
  • Maximum energy is 150.

Hero ability descriptions

Reinhardt: Giant
Passive Dutiful: Gains 1 additional energy per second while on objective.
Primary Fire Mighty swings: Increased hammer knock back. Based on size.
Ability 1 Pain train: Is invulnerable for short duration when initializing a charge.
Can interrupt charge by jumping, lunges forward with double charge speed.
Cooldown of charge is reset on charge kill.

Brigitte: Giant
Ability 1 Onslaught: Whip shot deals increased damage, knockback and recharges faster for each successful hit that does not kill an enemy. Caps at 300%, resets on kill.
Secondary Fire Leap attack: Press jump while holding shield to perform a leap attack, damage and stun enemies at the impact location
Ultimate Arena Challenge: Marks a large area, the enemy player with the most max health is selected. Brigitte and the selected player cannot leave the area until one of them dies or the challenge times out. The players cannot damage/heal or be damaged/healed by others during the ultimate.
Passive Inspire mechanic only heals Brigitte

Roadhog: Giant
Ability 1 Bigger fish: Cannot Hook anyone larger than himself.
Melee Gorge: Consumes a target for up to 5 seconds. Pressing Melee again releases the target.
Ultimate Cripple: Has reduced knocback and duration but stuns on initial damage and applies a stacking slow for each subsequent damage.

Winston: Giant
Primary Fire Static charge: Dealing damage with the tesla cannon charges the target. Once fully charged, if the target moves too close to one of its allies the target will explode in a burst of electricity. Stunning and damaging both players. There’s a short cooldown period until an enemy can be charged again.
Ultimate King of monsters: All damage stuns enemy giants that are of a lesser size.

Doomfist: Giant
Melee Iron Fist: Grabs a non-giant player, or a giant player half his size. When doing so, the cooldown of the rocket punch is reset.
Passive The best defense...: Dealing damage with abilities reduces damage taken by 5% up to a maximum of 15%. The effect is lost after not dealing damage for 5 seconds.

D.Va: Giant
Secondary Fire (Mech) Energy converter: Damage blocked with defense matrix is converted to energy.
Passive (Mech) Anti Growth Chamber: Size is stablized. Cannot grow whilst in mech.
Autonuke: When mech is lost it will self destruct no matter the ultimate charge percentage.
Passive (Pilot) Size Flux: Grows uncontrollably based on available energy. Size is unstable. Energy is draining. Must generate energy in order to stay alive. If energy depletes completely D.Va dies.
Primary Fire (Pilot) Energy leech: Getting kills grants additional energy and ultimate charge and cause the enemies to explode in a burst of energy. Headshots heal 10% health.
Melee (Pilot) Hittin' like a hammer: Knocks down the target and knocks it away.

Cassidy: Anti Giant
Passive Raining lead: Hitting giants instantly refunds the ammo spent.
Well armed: Gains increased maximum ammo, up to doubled ammo capacity over 4.5 seconds.
Primary Fire Concussion: Giants critically hit deals 25% reduced damage for 3 seconds.
Secondary Fire All out: Spends any additional maximum ammo capacity gained, reducing maximum ammo to 6 at the end of the ability.
Ability 2 Powershot: Cassidy reloads his gun. The next Primary Fire shot fired will deal 60% increased damage and knock down the enemy hit.

Soldier: 76: Anti Giant
Secondary Fire Hitting giants lowers the cooldown of the next helix rocket (based on Giant size). Deals 8% of Giant's maximum life as additional damage.
Seconadry Fire Rocket jump: Easier and more effective rocket jumps (improved self knock back). Cooldown of helix rocket is reduced when performing rocket jumps.
Ability 1 Runner's high: Regenerates health while sprinting.
Ability 2 Disabled.
Ultimate Devastator: Automatically shoots helix rockets without cooldown.

Hanzo: Anti Giant
Primary Fire Giant hunter: Hitting giants lowers the cooldown of Impale by 10 seconds. Critical hits on Giants removes the cooldown.
Ability 2 Impale: Has a 50 second cooldown. Fires 6 arrows. Deals additional damage to giants equal to 4% of their maximum health.
Ultimate Ride the dragon: Hanzo transports himself with the dragon and may exit at any time by pressing jump. Removes Impale cooldown.
Passive Shroud: Getting damaged by a Giant; Hanzo is shrouded in dark clouds for 1.5 seconds; phasing all damage and heals himself for 50% of the damage received. Has a 5 second cooldown.

Junkrat: Anti Giant
Primary Fire
Ability 1
Heavy artillery: Every third hit on Giants deals additional damage and stuns.
Ability 2 Advanced traps: Trapping a Giant cause them to take 20% extra damage from all sources for the duration of the root. Trapping a non-giant will also trap a nearby Giant.
Melee Fanatic: Damage dealt to Giants is stored as explosive power. Dealing melee damage to a Giant will set off an explosion and release all the power stored, dealing it as damage to the Giant and to Junkrat himself.
Passive Mania: Dealing damage gradually increase movement speed up to 40% (after dealing 2000 damage). The buff is lost on death.

Bastion: Anti Giant
Primary Fire Collateral damage: Damage to Giants will ricochet to a nearby enemy player while Transformer is active.
Secondary Fire Pristine condition: While at full resource meter bastion may become invulnerable for up to 0.5 seconds while channeling.
Sentry Mode Giant protocol: Deals reduced damage to non-giants.
Passive Transformer: Take 20% less damage from all sources for 4 seconds after transforming.

Zarya: Anti Giant
Passive Reduced health and size.
Primary Fire Suppression: Giants hit deal 20% reduced damage for 3 seconds.
Secondary Fire Oppression: Giants hit take 20% increased damage for 3 seconds.
Ability 1 Reduced cooldown.
Ability 2 Volatile Energy Shot: Shoots a slow moving ball of dense energy that periodically zaps nearby players. Upon collision with a surface the ball will detonate; dealing damage to all nearby enemies. The ability deals additional damage to Giants. Zarya may detonate the ball early by using the ability again while the ball travels.

Widowmaker: Hunter
Primary Fire Good form: Scoped hits on any enemy player increases damage dealt to the marked target by 5%, stacks up to 10 times, lasts 10 seconds. Critical hits award 3 stacks.
Secondary Fire Spider sense: Staying scoped for 3 seconds will outline the mark through walls for up to 3 seconds.
Ability 1 Trick shot: In the time between using the ability and landing Widowmaker have a 50% damage increase against all targets.
Passive Donating energy is done remotely from any distance.

Zenyatta: Hunter
Passive Destruction: Has a 15% chance on hit to deal 50% bonus damage. The Marked target receives double bonus damage.
Primary Fire
Secondary Fire
Headhunting: Critical hits permanently increase destruction chance with 1%.
Ability 1 Disabled.
Ability 2 Disabled.
Melee Acrobatics: Kicking an enemy player will launch Zenyatta backwards.
Ultimate Holy Fire: Does not heal allied players. Instead it deals moderate area damage to all enemy players within range, damage increased by double Headhunting percentage. Enemies under 25% health die instantly.

Ashe: Hunter
Passive Incendiary rounds: Hits against the marked target will deal 50% of damage dealt as additional damage over 5 seconds.
Passive Killing the marked target grants up to 3 additional ammo and Incendiary rounds that can be applied to any enemy target for the rest of the ammo clip (or until reload).
Ultimate Blazing fury: Gains 50% movement speed and becomes unkillable but is also set on fire, losing 6 health per second. During this time Ashe has a greater version of incendiary rounds that deal increased damage over time and critical hits apply the buring damage to nearby enemies. The ultimate lasts until health is 1 or until not dealing damage with rifle for 8 seconds.

Mei: Hunter
Passive Ice cold: All damage dealt may freeze the marked target.
Freeze: Frozen enemies become immune to subsequent freezes for 5 seconds. Immune targets that would've been frozen are instead slowed by 75% and regains 20% of speed per second.
Primary Fire Icicles!: Shoots Secondary Fire.
Secondary Fire Brain Freeze: Critical hits freeze for 1 second. Less effective against Giants.
Ability 2 Arctic Wind: Mei transforms into an arctic wind that quickly flies forward in a straight line, damaging and rooting enemies hit for a very short duration. When the root ends the rooted enemies are slowed by 50% and regains 20% of speed per second.
Ultimate Cold snap: Removes all ability cooldows and refills ammo. For the next 5 seconds all damage dealt will apply a very potent freezing effect that disregards immunity. This effect cannot be reapplied to the same enemy for the duration of the ultimate.

Tracer: Hunter
Passive Thrill seeker: Getting the final blow on an enemy player applies a stacking buff granting 5% damage and movement speed (marked target awards triple bonus). Stacks up to 25% and lasts 15 seconds. Killing the marked target refunds all blink charges and restores 50 health over 2 seconds.
Melee Hit and run: May use melee from a distance of up to 8.5m against the marked target. Automatically blinks towards the marked target and performs a melee attack. This attack may miss if not aligned correctly, but a bonus 20 damage is always dealt in addition to the melee. Costs one blink charge.
Ultimate Ultimate Rush: Killing the marked target with pulse bomb refunds its cost over 8 seconds.

Sigma: Hunter
Passive Reduced health and size.
Secondary Fire Disabled.
Ability 2 Rock slinger: Dealing damage with accretion removes the cooldown for 3 seconds and empower the next accretion; granting increased damage and projectile speed. Missing a shot, not using the ability during the 3 second window or firing primary will add a 5 second cooldown.
Melee Plasma: Hurls hyper compressed air up to 50m forward. Hitting the marked target will deal damage and launch it upward.
Jump Levitation: Holding jump reduces personal gravity. Letting go of the button gradually normalizes the gravity over a short duration. Using Ability 2 prolongs the levitation and gives a small thrust upwards with every shot.

Pharah: Hunter
Passive Air superiority: Damage to airborne enemies is doubled.
Secondary Fire Gravity Strike: Marks an area. Enemies in the area are launched in the air with reduced gravity. For two seconds enemies launched are unable to move, then they regain full movement and gravity.
Ability 1 Damaged jets: Taking damage while flying adds to ability cooldown.
Ability 2 Deals damage and knocks down the marked target. The target remains knocked down for as long as it is airborne.

Ana: Shrinker
Primary Fire (Damage) Shrinking serum: Shrinks enemy non-giant players hit by 15% and gains 5 energy.
Primary Fire (Heal) Growing serum: Grows shrunken allied players by 10% at the cost of 1 energy.
Ability 2 Concoction: Enemies hit by biotic grenades are twice as susceptible to Ana’s shrink.
Melee Surgical precision: Hitting a sleeping non-giant enemy shrinks it by 30%.
Ultimate Nano reduction: Ana enters scoping mode for up to 8 seconds. The next three shots fired during this time may shrink enemy non-giants to one tenth of original size.
Passive Got better things to do: Healing reduced by 50%.

Sombra: Shrinker
Passive Size tech mastery: Hacking shrinks a non-giant player by 30% and grants Sombra energy. Giants hacked by Sombra cannot gain energy for the duration.

Symmetra: Shrinker
Passive Implant: The last non-giant enemy damaged by Symmetra is implanted with a siphoning device for up to 10 seconds. This device shrinks the target by 2% every second and is removed when Symmetra implants a new target.
Primary Fire Shrinking ray: Shrinks non-giant enemies. Shrink effect is based on damage dealt.
Ability 1 Teleport: Symmetra teleports 8m in the viewing direction and is granted a 30% speed boost that diminishes over 2 seconds.
Ultimate Siphoner: Symmetra gains additional ammo, then for the next 8 seconds Symmetra's shrink is twice as effective, she has increased movement speed and Teleport has unlimited uses.

Baptiste: Shrinker
Passive Quick thinking: Headshots reduce cooldowns by 1 second. Bodyshots by 0.3 seconds.
Secondary Fire Minimizing ray: Deals low damage. Shrink enemy non-giants hit by 25%. 6 second cooldown.
Ability 1 Disabled.
Ability 2 Refraction dome: Baptiste is invisible inside the dome and drains energy from enemy hit by his Primary Fire. Enemies without energy take extra damage. Minimizing ray has no cooldown while inside Refraction dome. Leaving the dome or having an enemy enter it will end the effect.

Echo: Shrinker
Secondary Fire Reductobombs: Deals reduced damage. Shrink enemy non-giants hit based on damage dealt. Gains 2 energy per enemy hit per explosion.
Ability 2 Diminishing ray: Shrinks enemy non-giants based on the damage dealt. Deal additional damage to shrunken enemies.
Ultimate Invader: Echo launches herself into the air and shrinks herself, then accelerates to gain much increased movement speed while gliding. Colliding with a non-giant enemy makes Echo enter it. While inside the enemy Echo shrinks it by 12.5% every second for up to 10 seconds and deals damage over time. Should the enemy die while Echo is inside the ultimate repeats.

Moira: Shrinker
Primary Fire Shoots Secondary Fire.
Secondary Fire Leeching beam: Removes energy from enemy players hit, granting it to Moira.
Ability 2 (damage) Shrink sphere: Shrinks non-giants hit based on the damage dealt.
Melee Injection: Shrinks non-giants hit by 10% and applies a weak damage over time effect (20 damage over 8 seconds). Injecting the target a second time whilst the dot is active consumes the dot and shrinks the target an additional 20%.
Ultimate Energy disintegrator: Quickly erases enemy energy. Deals additional damage to shrunk players based on their size.

Reaper: Support
Ability 1 Shadow merge: Merge with an allied player, granting shields equal to his own current health and a 20% damage boost. While Reaper is merged he gains ultimate charge, energy and heals the merged player every second (bigger the more health that is missing). Shrunk players are also restored in size. The effect ends when the target lose all shields, should this happen a 4 second cooldown is forced. Reaper may also, Jump, use Ability 2 or his Ultimate while merged to cancel the effect early and get a shorter cooldown period.
Passive Have reduced damage and health.

Lúcio: Support
Passive Good vibes: Gain Good vibes from wall riding. At maximum Good vibes the effect both songs (non-amped-up versions) are applied to all members of Lúcio's team everywhere on the map. Good vibes diminishes quickly while on the ground.
Artistic reach: Energy donation to shrunk players are done remotely from any range.
Secondary Fire Boop jump: Shooting in a downward angle propels Lúcio in the opposite direction.
Base drop: Deal 3x damage and stun targets hit while at maximum Good vibes (at the cost of 50% Good vibes).
Ability 2 Feeling it: Consumes all Good Vibes to perodically heal the player with the most health missing 10% of maximum health every 0.4 seconds for the duration of Amp-it up.

Genji: Support
Passive Deals reduced damage. Heals himself for 50% damage dealt.
Primary Fire
Secondary Fire
Rythm: Hits reduce ability cooldowns.
Ability 1 Dash heal: Dashing through allied players heals them. Healing an allied player this way reset the cooldown.
Melee Knock out: Hitting an enemy non-giant from behind put them alseep for 5 seconds. Has a 10 second cooldown. This ability is able to teleport a short distance.
Ultimate Medical Ninja: Cannot use the blade. Instead Dash heal have no cooldown. Dashing through a non-sleeping enemy put them to sleep.

Mercy: Support
Primary Fire
Secondary Fire
Team player: Gains 5 energy on healing assist or 15 energy on damage boost assist.
Primary Fire Critical care: When healing a giant that is below 50% health an additional 2% of the giant's maximum health is restored every second.
Passive Enrage: If a nearby ally is killed, mercy gains a grudge (maximum of 3). Switching to pistol will consume all grudges and she will enrage. Enraged mercy is healed (33-100%), grows up to double size (33-100%) and gains additional movement speed and damage for the duration. Enrage last 10 seconds or until switching from pistol. Enrage is automatically activated if Mercy is the last living player on her team. Grudges are lost over time or on death.

Torbjörn: Support
Passive Repair aura: Pulses every 6 seconds to heal himself and nearby allies. Overhealing adds up to 25 armor. Dealing damage hastens the rate of the pulse.
Ability 1 Disabled.
Ability 2 The rate of repair aura pulse is doubled for the duration of the ability.

Orisa: Support
Passive Healing bots: Gains one healing bot every 2 seconds (up to 3). Healing bots periodically heals nearby allied players a small amount. A bot may only target an ally that is not already healed by another bot. Healing bots does not heal while firing Primary weapon or using Ram.
Secondary Fire Focus Heal: Consumes 3 healing bots to focus heal targets directly in front of Orisa up to 40m away. This ability shoots 3 beams in succession that may hit the same target and heals for more than the passive healing of healing bots.
Ability 1 Orisa regenerates health while active.
Ability 2 Ram: Orisa quickly accelerates to 250% movement speed and holds the speed for a short duration. Slowing down (e.g. by hitting a wall or a player) will end the effect. Hitting an enemy player will deal damage and knock it away a great distance.

Playing with bots

If you just want to try out the mode for yourself and bots I would suggest the following team compositions:

Class Hero
Giant Roadhog
AntiGiant Cassidy or Soldier:76
Hunter Zenyatta or Mei
Shrinker Ana or Sombra
Support Lucio or Torbjörn

It is recommended to choose a hero of the class that you are replacing so that all classes are represented but it is not strictly necessary.

Players | 1 - 10
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 26 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.04


Non-giants: Toggle Energy Donation
Giants: HOLD to spend energy to grow Oversized!
Shrunk players: HOLD to spend energy to grow normal sized
Interact + Crouch
Giants: Cancels Oversized mode
Non-giants: Toggle Energy Donation
Giants: HOLD to spend energy to grow Oversized!
Shrunk players: HOLD to spend energy to grow normal sized
Giants: Cancels Oversized mode
Non-giants: Toggle Energy Donation
Giants: HOLD to spend energy to grow Oversized!
Shrunk players: HOLD to spend energy to grow normal sized
Giants: Cancels Oversized mode
Non-giants: Toggle Energy Donation
Giants: HOLD to spend energy to grow Oversized!
Shrunk players: HOLD to spend energy to grow normal sized
Giants: Cancels Oversized mode
Non-giants: Toggle Energy Donation
Giants: HOLD to spend energy to grow Oversized!
Shrunk players: HOLD to spend energy to grow normal sized
Giants: Cancels Oversized mode

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