Killstreak Ultimates

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Quick Message and warnings.

A simple gamemode I be working on, warnings be given, there are 100% ways to break the game, and you can let me know if you find any ways to do that. But keep in mind im an ametuer workshopper, and Im not amazing.

How Killstreak Ultimates works

You begin with a killstreak of 0, as you would expect. You will gain different ultimates depending on your killstreak (One every 5 kills), you can see all the Ultimates in the game at the bottom, but yeah, there's currently no way to go back to ultimates you surpassed once you've surpassed them, but maybe in the future.

Version List

Not finished versions

Unfinished Version 1 ~UV1~ {27/02/21}: (JTT44) | 3 Ultimates

Unfinished Version 2 ~UV2~ {28/02/21}: (Z5WQA) | 4 Ultimates - Changed Killstreaks to Scorestreaks

Ultimate List

Bolt Shot (Versions UV1 and Up)
Type: Offensive
Killstreak: 0-4 (Versions UV2 and Up - Scorestreak: 0)
Damage: 50% of target's Max HP
Healing: None
Status Effects: 1 second stun
Description: Shoot a quick bolt of lightning that explodes on impact, electrifying and damaging enemies.

Safe Zone (Versions UV1 and Up)
Type: Defensive
Killstreak: 5-9 (Versions UV2 and Up - Scorestreak: 500)
Damage: None
Healing: 800 per second - 5 seconds (Safe Zone) / 40 per second - 5 seconds (Burst)
Status Effects: None
Description: Drop a healing zone that does Immense healing and releases a burst of healing upon destruction.

Converter (Versions UV1 and Up)
Type: Area Control
Killstreak: 10-14 (Versions UV2 and Up - Scorestreak: 1250)
Damage: Healing Dealt to it - 12 meter radius
Healing: Damage Dealt to it - 12 meter radius
Status Effects: None
Description: Drop an orb that when damaged lets out healing for your team, and when healed, lets out damage for the enemy team.

Self-Enhancement (Versions UV2 and Up)
Type: Offensive/Defensive
Scorestreak: 2000
Damage: None
Healing: None
Status Effects: Move Speed Boosted, 500 Temporary Shields
Description: For 15 seconds, all cooldowns are reduced by 5 seconds, move much faster, and gain temporary shields.

Ways of earning Score. {Versions UV2 and Up}

Final Blow - +150 Score {Versions UV2 and Up}
Ressurection - +300 Score {Versions UV2 and Up}
Environmental - +200 Score {Versions UV2 and Up}
Healthpack Used - +50 Score {Versions UV2 and Up}

Multiple can be triggered at once - Example: An Environmental Final Blow grants +350, 150 for the kill and 200 for being an environmental.

Thats the end, you're either relieved, sad because its so small right now, or dont really care... probably the third.

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